Se-kyung begins removing the clothing from the mannequins, and hears a whisper calling out her name. With what we know, her decision seems strange. Se-kyung rolls over and opens up her eyes, a small hopeful smile on her face. I WONDER if she ever introduces some ideas to change the character, rather than to prefer to make every move of the script to be in line with the character. Se Kyung looks at the bow from Seung Jo and sighs before putting it away in the drawer. Even the hero is no cutout Mr Perfect, but a manic and insecure PSH whose rollercoaster of highs and lows leaves me feeling spent and exhausted at times.

Gee really, you would think that after the resume, they would look at their resume or process and be like gee, maybe I’m doing something wrong Seung Jo tells him to leave both of them alone. It’s always easy to love the quirky and over the top, the flawed hero and earnest prince or candy. And In-hwa, I used to think she’s so pretty and smart, but the way she tried to approach Seung-jo to expand her family’s business makes her nothing better than Se-kyung. He notes that he only liked her for her business-minded sense. Meanwhile, Se-kyung keeps reminding herself to focus on her work. Wishing all, an upcoming year that is healthy, happy and full of contentment and no topsy-turvy in you own lives. She refuses to come out, so Seung-jo decides to tell her the truth right then and there, and she can just listen.

Se Kyung steels herself and leaves the cafe. I too am liking Yoon Joo more than Se kyung now, and am wondering if that would have made a more compelling main character arc. I just watched the episode last alicce. In-hwa visits him and has proof that confirms that Cha Seung-jo is indeed the son of Royal Group. Then decides to rein her back in.

Happy Holidays to everyone! She calls Ah Jung who thinks its awesome. It’s PPL but my econ prof did say that S. Though in the eyes of the upper class, they’ll see her as ambitious and see this as a profitable marriage for both families. Although we in Hawaii have only seen EpsI couldn’t resist reading the intro to this epsidoe’s critique fheongdamdong then quickly scrolled to read the comments.

It may be a happy ending about finding your place and your truth in the world and being able to live it unencumbered by the unjustified constraints social mores impose; a bildungsroman where both boy and girl become stronger because of the travails they have had to go through.


Cheongdamdong Alice Recap EP 7 & 8

But Se-kyung worries about when Moon does remember. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing alkce, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. YY January 7, at 8: Seung-jo finally locates her below some steps, standing near the edge. Only the best among us are above taking the easy path when hope disappears, but not many of us are among the best.

He was afraid Se Kyung would be just like other women. I think they have to do it in the next 2 episodes and then let us watch Se Kyung try to unravel the mess she has wrought, or else the audience will start cheering against the heroine. But by dabbling into the ‘dark side’, it has changed her somewhat even though she is still not comfortable with it.

As mean as it sounds, I want him to get hurt again. I think he loves her. Yoon Joo clutches her bag before asking if that is even important at a time like this? He truly cares for his friend and wants him to finally recover from the horrible pains of his past. His and Ah-jung’s scenes are so funny, and I totally support them as a couple.

I hope he toughens up a little by then or I’m going to be an emotional mess. When Psycho-jo signed away his inheritance, Daddy Cha said he raised him so Psycho-jo would do as he wished. The amount of chfongdamdong she causes secretary Kim makes me not like her. I can’t believe Se-kyung is really going to manipulate Seung-jo. I find it incredibly naive of her to think that the fashion world is big enough to let her avoid Cha Il-nam for the rest of her life, but I am also admiring her for trying to go and take control of her own destiny.

YY December 27, at 4: He takes off his glasses alixe stares at her in shock. Cheongadmdong goes onto the rooftop for some fresh air and Ah-jung follows. When she is delivering some bags once, she bumps into Cha Seung-jo’s car. Can 2 weeks come any faster??? I pity you but tsk tsk, you have to know that kissing her while working is just unprofessional even if you are the boss.


Seung Jo’s doctor friend had it right: Although Tommy is peripherally running around in the inner circles of Cheongdam-dongI don’t think he is really a part of them.

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Yoon Joo says there is no one in this world who can live without love. Initial I was also pissed with Se Kyung’s manipulative decision.

Se-kyung returns to the GN Fashion office and receives an invitation from Jean Thierry himself through her phone. Seung Jo tells him to leave both of them alone.

He seems very shaken and they both try to play it off as they leave. I don’t particularly care for her, but I watch her scenes anyway. After three years, surprisingly, she is offered a job as a temporary worker at a clothes designing company called GN Fashion. Meanwhile, In-hwa and Min-hyuk have dinner with Il-nam, and In-hwa suggests that he open a shopping complex on the outskirts of the city. I love this show for its semi-fresh take on an overused plot but it could certainly do without the MGY’s bangs, PSH’s pelts, and SYH’s garishly purple lip color, in my honestly superficial opinion It turns out to be Se-kyung, and she bids her to come with a few things to the hospital.

But here he is all acting smart Or what Tommy Hong is planning to do to Se kyung to keep her away from the rabbit. She found out about his ruse but when will he find out about hers? Please enter your username or email address.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 7 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Se-kyung wonders what he does and Psycho-jo says he does proxy work and then lets her in on a secret: Seung Jo leads her cheeongdamdong to sit down and puts on a pair of strappy heels for her.

Honestly, I am… Se-kyung thinking: He even dances and throws big hearts at her — the cute is back!

Anyway, back to the very, very sexually charged moment. Dong-wook advises him to tell Se-kyung how he really feels.