I hope they will show that he is stronger than they think and can be a true accepting partner to Sekyung. Jeon No Min Supporting Cast. You can watch movies online for free without Registration. Yeah, I’d take the ticket to Paris. At least Min-hyuk could understand a little of her plight, as he softens a little. On January 1, , Cheongdam-dong was incorporated into Seoul. Every time she was acting nice and innocent, i cant help it but wandering if she was sincerely being nice or faking it.

I enjoy reading all your comments. Hence my not buying the big deal everybody makes out of this in this world of the rich. Yoon Jo should stand up to her horrible chaebol family and tell them to go stick it where the sun don’t shine! One half of the multi-colour facade is designed by British artist Richard Woods, while the other half of the exterior is decorated with individually numbered brass plates. Cast – Cheongdam-dong Alice. Se-kyung goes into his study to find a picture of Paris that she had drawn up. I just hope that next week the wardrobes will get some variation back. Regarding Yoon Joo I am glad that her past was finally revealed.

Korean drama series such as ” Cheongdam-dong Alice “, ” Cheongdam-dong Scandal “, and “I Live in Cheongdam-dong” all had Cheongdam-dong as a backdrop that is full of luxury brand stores, rich people, celebrities, and drama.

The area is the location for the headquarters of K-pop management companies S. PSH eppisode what can I say!? His painting has been removed, and one of the waitresses mentions that Seung-jo had arrived earlier and asked the same thing. Seungjo needs to take the good with the bad, and both of them need to leave Wonderland pronto. I would also like to finally learn more of Tommy’s story but somehow I don’t think we’re going to get it Please enter your username or email address.

I have heard such words been spoken before in other Kdramas to express deep anger.

Oh, I just wish this drama would’ve gone with the fantasy element more, like the diary – loved the look of that. That would be a pretty solid episodde to leave the series in, but it does leave me wanting for more. But still it’s a lie. Glad I’m not the only one who freaked out: Seung-jo drinks himself to a stupor, so Se-kyung tucks him into bed.


Retrieved 4 May At least Min-hyuk could understand a little of her plight, as he softens a little. My eternal love for PSH has stopped me from giving up on this drama completely and I have been watching only snippets and cuts of scenes where he appears. I am completely on board with the suggestion of PTSD the narrative offers: She wins many designing contests and finally joins a clothing company. I can get why between Se-Kyung and Seung-Jo because that’s their relationship, so it makes sense.

Since Januarythe area is also home to FNC Entertainmentwho moved into their own company offices, separate from their parent company in Mnet Media Building in neighbouring Apgujeong-dong. As for Dong-wook, after he found out about Seung-jo cutting ties with his father he had returned to Paris to look for him.

And while he’s reading it there will be flashbacks to her writing it in tears, and then he’ll cry too, and then we’ll have a happy happy reconciliation: I am glad Se Kyung fought back But Se-kyung is insistent on finding him. Deep in my heart I know she meant it. I can empathize with this fragile sould for whom the opposite of “I love you” is not “I don’t love you” but rather “what can I get out of you If the drama wants me to believe that her problems are seriously sinful, then I want to see the consequences — and her actions to redeem it — match the gravity of her sin.

Along the way, Amelie discovers love.

More like a gay best friend. That’s what we saw in the beginning. She emerges from the bathroom to see Seung-jo opening another bottle calmly. Before the video ends, Mr. But less of the drama and more of the funny please!

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Although the image of luxury town remains true to some extent, it should not take over other aspects of Choengdam-dong, as for some people this place means home. Our sites are Fmovies. Il-nam has sent his secretary to contact the police to see if any accidents have been reported yet. Accept cheongdwmdong you’re both just human. An electronic pre-paid card called T-money can be typically used for all three types of transportation, in addition to credit cards and cash.


He warns her not to say another word, as nothing has changed between them. Seung Jo totally lost me with that “I will kill you” comment.


Retrieved 11 April She has been living in fear believing that she is really below her her husband and his family. But especially this episode was so satisfying from a character development and acting standpoint that my faith is slowly being restored.

So Yi Hyun Main Cast. Mystisith January 22, at 1: But she hopes that he can show her different sides to him, rather than always the good side. Heavens, how deeply did this child’s mother wound him when she traded him fro alimony, how savagely did this boy’s lover scar him when she abandoned his penniless arms. Nah, I think she’d play it safe and go to her room, and say things like: And that is probably the main reason he is helping her.

Vidnode Choose This Server. I’m glad Se Kyung didn’t back down and is willing to try to show Seung Jo that even though she may have deceived him in the beginning, she is someone who really loves him and who will not abandon him. Memories of Seung-jo once again believing in love rip her to pieces, and she finally speaks up: Once again, SJ is hurt. I literally backed up from my screen and gasped! I don’t even see How Se kyung is Alice.