All of these experiments were a result of smart choices and some risk. I believe current session had brought nothing new. But – you can’t deny the stellar performance of the vocalists or the musicians. If you are fed up of coke studio then we are too much fed up of you. Adi Abdurab Updated November 18, The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group. Everything is executed perfectly.

Strings have repeated the same mistake here. I don’t understand what people expect out of Coke Studio – if you actually listen to the songs, there is at least one each week which is phenomenal. I think season 7 was brilliantly put up. If most people are of the view that Zoheb Hassan was a failed experiment, then it becomes a fact. The writer is correct, that might be the only song we will remember after a while. I am sure you would have written long beautiful essay for coke studio India. I disagree with this assessment of coke studio 7. I agree that there is no much experiments done with the already sung songs.

It was a representation of all of Pakistan.

In fact, I personally think it is better. Well, all I can say is it didn’t belong. The camera work, the production quality and everything else is top notch. You cannot allow fashionista cum singer to pull off the traditional folk music by adding the personal tinge of modernism in the song.

I love coke studio 7. Too Unhealthy for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Season 7: What happened to Coke Studio? –

It is always expected that a product will suffer under a new management before picking back up. Its like Mediterranean food served with a desi tarka. Rohail hayat’s brilliance plateud after 4th season to be honest. Hope for the best to come! The good thing about Strings is they always leave a flavor to a song as per the lyrics demands perhaps without taking into consideration the commercials aspects too much.


One can’t listen to the instruments one sees on the screen. Finally someone pointed it out.

They are running what works, instead of hasean. Slowly but surely, an efficient reporting system is taking hold in Pakistan. It wont be fair to expect Rohai Hayat’s brilliance from Strings just as of yet as even Rohail hayat couldnt even match his own for the last couple of seasons. The show has waned from their its fusion roots and taken genre-specific inclinations.

I think strings need atleast another season to risk trying anything different and they have earned it.

Chehra – Episode 2 – Season 7 – Coke Studio Pakistan

Look, I, too, have certain complaints – the drummer, for instance, was too epsiode and lacked the versatility such a show demands – but I thought it was a perfectly acceptable debut. So overall, so far the performance by String is There was no reason to show remake of old songs. Nov 19, Isn’t it enough of Rohail after 6 seasons? There are more than quite hasasn few songs that I simply loved.

Zoheb is past the point of experimentation.

Episode Two

Every season gave us something new to look forward to. The preceding seasons dug up underground acts yassan established new careers, like Zeb and Haniya, Meesha Shafi as a solo performer, Aunty Disco Project; they even brought back Alamgir.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. February 24, Tax directory IF humility was a characteristic usually associated with our chehga, one would imagine several of them being It just kills the essence of a beautiful tune.


Given the scale of the devaluations and the subsidies for exporters, there should be a much faster increase in exports. Cogito Ergo Sum February 19, Rohail is a master at that and kept improving by the season. Non of the song good enough to hear repeatedly. Thirdly, experimentation is not an automatic recipe for greatness. What’s in a name: I agree that there is no much experiments done with the already sung songs.

But Amir Zaki’s solo didn’t save that song, it ruined it. One listen to his singing and you can understand why. But overall, Coke Studio introduced a new era of music to the audience. This is apparent with the music range limited to Sufi, Qawwali, or Pop. Bang on, you got the gist of it all. I don’t understand what people expect out of Coke Studio – if you actually listen to the songs, there is at least one each week which is phenomenal. Perhaps to avoid alienating their core demographic, season 7 brings us repeat performances of previous seasons.

His audio mastering skills were far superior to what we have been treated to this season, yes, but I think it may have been for the best that Rohail and CS went their separate ways.