It does swim straight, good bait for the price. A smaller hook is much less likely to kill a gill hooked fish. GotstaFish on July 23, , JayPea Ultimate Basser Location: You’ll find more information on cookies at Data Protection. Two eight inch floaters and one eight inch slow sink bait.

If so, this is where you want to be. Soon after the original Castaic baits hit the market with such force, the need was recognized for a more realistic swimbait. This thing swims lopsided and the hook is so trash. I guess you get what you paid for. That can be a great move if you have a following fish! From a construction standpoint, it is pretty apparent that the Platinum is a mass produced lure.

Sidearm, overhead casts, and even pitches are all made with relative ease, and actually, it’s quite refreshing using swimbajt baits for an extended period of time.

I suspect the guys with less casting experience who are using an overhead snap cast are causing a whipping effect on the lure and tearing them. But, tacklewarehouse refunded me for them!

Castaic Platinum Series Swimbait 6″ Floating Bass Fishing Lure Bait Green Shad

Save on Swimbaits Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Castaic Vintage Fishing Lures. Platknum Us Like Us. I wouldn’t knock the bait just because you found a dud.

There was a lot of hype and a lot of talk about the Platinum before it became available, so when I got my baits and went to the lake I was pretty curious about what this lure would do. Mike Long used the 6″ model rainbow trout to catch his 20lb12oz bass. These baits are available in trout and baitfish colors and are effective in all four sizes.

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Do I need to be any clearer than that? I purchased 3 of these and I wasn’t happy with the swimming action at all. Some may say this is hampering your free speech, no this is a private castaiv site and to be a member here it is expected that folks act right so don’t even play that card.


Castaic Rock Hard Platinum Castaic Soft Bait Co. Company

If you are bumping stumps and rocks, the lead in the head will break through the nose of the bait. Maybe some type of new rubber would make this great lure worth buying. Spooled on this flipping outfit was 20lb Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon. The plastic used in the Platinum is very swimbajt, softer than any other swimbait I have owned. Hmmmmmm, wish you had posted this a little earlier. I would also consider using a smaller split ring than the stock ring, just from a stealth standpoint.

Of course, the real question in everyone’s mind is how do these baits look in the water, right? Home Help Login Register.

Through all this time, Castaic Soft Baits has been regarded as one of the giants in the big bait marketplace by making their diverse and sometimes, very unique product accessible and obtainable to the masses.

Knock it off, it is much better to post – I use product X but noticed something wrong, is it me or are there others that have had the same thing happen to them?

Be the first to write a review About this product. They may be prototypes right now, but Castaic is definitely promising a change for the better.

Mike on July 22, Most recently was a merger with Nature Vision, Inc. Notice anything different about this bait? To maintain the same, fluid, s-swimming action of their Platinum softbait, however, Jason Scott decided to implement another joint right at the tail.

A smaller hook is much less likely to kill a gill hooked fish. I bought one of these the other day and took it out an hour ago to try it out. The ghost rainbow in particular looks great in the water and the standard rainbow pattern is very accurate also.


The stock ring is fine but a 6 Owner Hyperwire will be less conspicuous.

Castaic Platinum Series Swimbait 6″ Floating Bass Fishing Lure Bait Blue Shad

It was to be a hardbait version of the company’s Platinum Series Trout bait also designed by Scotta three sectioned soft bodied bait with a very realistic s-pattern swimming motion. You may also like. The first fish ripped the tail off, but I still tossed it back out and landed a 20 pounder on my next cast, even without a tail. I Love the action fist of all!

Castaic Platinum Series Swimbait 6″ Floating Bass Fishing Lure Bait Blue Shad | eBay

If the fish are more aggressive these may out fish the hudd because of the boot tail but other than that id stick with the huddleston. People can make mistakes and a bad one may have slipped through the cracks. This swimbait needed to be heavy enough to reach the bottom of deeper waters and swim faster over shallow structure. Starting a thread about a bad experience and asking others if they have had similar problems would be a good way to start and see if maybe you just got a bad bait Then if you did, you might be able swimbxit contact the manufacturer and work a refund or exchange Logged Fishing is more platinumm just a hobby Dobyns Rods – Monster Fishing Tackle Cork’s Reel Service Blake R.

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See details for additional description. Also this thing swimbaut have that great of action. Wouldn’t a better title be “Has anyone else had a problem with this bait?