Riders pathetic season might have meant more money saved the fans out here. The frequency of odd man rushes is also a lot higher when the teams have the long change. Especially after the league took the third official off the floor. And then there are those new Rush colours. Most other teams I can usually read the name on them, but on the Rush ones the name is just a green blur, and the number isn’t much better, just larger. In many ways it is closer to basketball. Toronto Rock — x. Glad to see them being a top draw in Saskatoon.

Bold hasn’t been himself this season and at times they have been sleepy. Roster is here http: Most other teams I can usually read the name on them, but on the Rush ones the name is just a green blur, and the number isn’t much better, just larger. Roughnecks can beat the Rush. Glad you enjoyed your first game. I am a little concerned that so many new players might expose some weaknesses in our coaching.

I have a question about length of game though.


I’ve been watching since the Roughnecks’ second ever game, and I still don’t know what is going to be called from one quarter tickrts the next. Throwing the Vader head under the team logo just seems lazy Let’s be honest, no one really follows the NLL if you do not have a team roughnecka your city unless you are a die hard lacrosse fan.

Sure reducing cakgary ticket prices on everyone doesn’t make sense, but running more promotions and advertising those wouldn’t hurt. The Calgary Roughnecks acquired the ninth and 21st overall selections in the NLL Draft from the Georgia Swarm in exchange for a first-round pick in For more information on the exclusive privileges offered to Roughnecks season seat holders, including the flexible exchange program that ensures no ticket goes unused, visit CalgaryRoughnecks.


Longest overtime I’ve ever seen. Terrible meltdown after being up The Altitude PBP guys are so pathetic. The game should have been closer at half cslgary based on that alone, but once the Riggers started to put balls behind him – I think they knew they could score enough to come back. Good to see Saskatoon embracing the team. Looking over Calgary’s attendance: How many teams make it through.

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Getting killed in the face off is not cool. Game two, and the possible sudden-death mini-game, are May 15 in Saskatoon. And no, the concession sales won’t make up the difference. I’ve been to some games and always have a great time. Ssason possessions in a row with no shots for the Roughnecks. Going big didn’t work, so now they are going mid-market.

He has some offensive upside but was still and off the board pick back then. This is where the team leadership and coaching staff need to step up. Now the Roughnecks are in pretty good shape financially from what I can see, I just don’t see why they don’t do more to fill those empty seats. September 3, [5]. Yeah tough one to make a call on. Riggers win in Georgia tonight while the Stealth lose – more breathing room.

That is ing cool. In reality they often get away with a lot of other stuff. Saskatoon really embraced the team. I was surprised too – I felt he was key to the comeback win last week. I’ve heard nothing but great things from friends who have attended this year. One thing that is driving me batty about the NLL this year is how the officials have married the delay of game penalty if you drop the ball and it rolls six inches away thing with their insistence on slowing the game down by whistling down fast restarts because the guy was more than six inches away from the spot the referee wants to restart play.


Not surprised they said it was clean, but it could cause some reprucssions.

I think they win in Denver. When you give something away for free that becomes what it is worth.

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Eeason he still got an amazing chance. Before the Flames took over, Calgary was usually in the thousand range for actual fans. What are the basic rules for penalties. The O is adjusting with all the new faces. Second round 2 games with a tie breaking mini game after game 2 if need be. Can’t keep doing that.

Great atmosphere though they sold me on going back again. With the pre-season game this Sunday and the roster being announced today, time for a new Roughnecks thread I figured.

Finals are a best of 3.