The drama however, shifts the entire point of view to focus on the two main characters, especially Ryo as he narrates throughout the show. I still think the novel is best though. Things get more complicated when Yukiho meets him again and everything just starts to derail from there. And I must say that Kimpachi-sensei don’t know his real name really added an extra dimension to the story telling and you could tell what he was thinking even though he wouldn’t say anything This site uses cookies. Top Actors Add New Person.

They grow up attempting to keep it secret and ride out the statute of limitations. Ayase Haruka rises to the challenge of her bloodless character, proving that with a substantially written role and proper direction, she can truly shine. This creates a very unsettling atmosphere throughout the novel because from time to time, their names will come out and hints are given to readers. Looks like its going to be an okay drama. Man, this serie is getting more and more interesting. Yukiho said, let the police think she’s the one who killed Ryoji’s father. Be the first to create a discussion for Byakuyako. But, it was still touching my heart.

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But even with his passing, his bloodline lives on in his son from a brief liaison byakuyakku the pharmacist, Noriko Nishida Naomi. Comments by uhno [Rating: With simple methods like fingerprints on the gas valve or modern ones like DNA analysis of hairs they would habe been convictable from the start and on every later crime.

What an amazing plot, performance What happens with two children commit two different muders in order to protect each other?


Byakuyakou [白夜行] ::

Children kill their own parents, Yukiho’s character who is an anti-God and with evil mind, and also a tainted love story. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When Ryoji finds out that the object of his father’s perversion is his first love, Yukiho, he kills him. Do you know whether the movie adaptation is good?

Don’t compare this to Sekachu, even though the leads are the same and some background btakuyakou contain same themes.

You start to feel for Ryouji who is stuck in this world of killing and wants to get out – at the same time Yukiho exhibits many different personas leaving you guessing as byakuyako which one is real and which is fake. You can already tell its going to be a sad ending.

Anyway, the story hints at it being a fast-paced emotional buakuyakou but ends up being just a lame B story. Suggest people to watch out this drama. It ended lower than it started. While I felt Ayase Haruka did a good job acting here, her character, Yukiho, got on my nerves.

Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: Link Reply Parent Thread. This is the darkest drama I have ever seen. The two main actors have, again, great chemistry, but there is nearly no romantic love, it’s more a strange symbiotic connection. Which ending do I prefer? The drama however makes me sympathize them but still, no excuses for all the murders.

Rayner DC Comics, Rate this: I really dont think the plot of the story are similar in anyways Byakyakou have heard those dramas you mentioned above but I haven’t tried them yet.


Comments by dekatrain [Rating: Comments by aiscess [Rating: I suppose the final events of the drama would also make sense when looking through that particular lens. The two becomes more cheerful ever since. I hope all of you are ready for a new and wonderful year of fuzzy pigs with tusks.

A drama in the story would go! And for her, it’s okay to sacrifice his happiness, coz she thought she had also sacrificed by being labeled as “the murderer’s daughter”. Takeda Tetsuya Great story and great acting. I haven’t seen A million stars falling, but this is one of the best Jdrama, if not drama overall, that I’ve ever seen. The storyline is a little far fetched but once again the brilliant acting by Yamada Takayuki and Ayase Haruka make this dorama shine.

‘Byakuyako (Into the White Night)’

And she made it, the police suspected her mother right away. Cut to Yukiho frozen in her spot, indecision all over her face.

I remember you describing your process of writing reviews in one of your posts and you said something like how you would reviee a show before you write the review. This is the most crucial moment of all, but the director s messed it up just the same.