To obtain the prices for Spezzia, you have T ut to add the cost of conveyance from Milan tn your town. Beval is charged with the liquidation of said concern and will have the advantage to let you know his further disposition by a spe- cial circular. We feel confident that beside studying all possible economy and supplying us with first rate articles, you will charge us such low prices in order to beat the competition of other electric Companies that offered us their serviees with very convenient proposals as to the sinking of the cost of the instaUation materials. Lewis Bensa, to whom you will be kind to apply for all that you may be in’ need of. In the mean time I remain, dear sir, your respectfully M. We should be glad if you would kindly fa- vour him with any information which he may require, and through your most valuable in- fluence, assist him in transacting business with your friends and clients. In recommending him to your kind reception we beg you to grant him your assistance in any circumstance in which he may require the same.

Affairs in litigations Nos. For further informations please to apply to the shippers, Messrs. Up to the end of last year they only reached Marks. Please to take good notice of it and reserve us the honor of your valued orders. Franchini of your town, has just seat inc an order foV lamps and table-lights to the amount of francs, Ihe whole to be. Holding ourselves at your disposition and thankino you in ad- vance, we are. Doubtlessly everything depends on the in- fluence that cargoes expected, within the week, from Brazil and the United States, may have on the markets of Liverpool and London. We are glad the opportunity has presented itself to be acquainted with your respectable house, and be persuaded we will avail ourselves, in due time, of youi offep.

Vwiice, April 5 tn, We would advise furttiferi therefore to avail your- self of the favorable opportunity and to send us at once a good com- mission.

Silvani who is on his voyage home, in order to have his opinion on the hues and drawings to be chosen. John l” iaz, a merchant of Santa Cruz, and my particular friend, is on his first voyage to Italy and intends making some important purchases in your market, where he has not yet any correspondents, orinari he has hitherto done all his business in Naples through Gom- mission-Agenls.

Χαριζονται καθαροαιμα κουταβια

I did not fail, however, to revise it carefully, ameliorating it as regards the peculiar expressions and commercial style. Manual de correapondencia portu- gueza, di pag.

It is needless telling you that we wish every prosperity to your newly established house, and desiring to give you a proof of our friendly dispositions, we hand you, at the conditions indicated by you, the order, frutfiferi per note of commission enclosed, which we recommend you in a particular manner and hope you will do your best to satisfy us. Hoping that this Manual so enlarged and, if effects correspond to my intentions, also improved, may be of sufficient utility to those who devote themselves to fo- reign commerce, 1 seize this opportunity to thank in advance all my frieiids-who will kindly contribute to its further diffusion.


As regards their solvency, we think it sufficient to say they have an open credit with us for the amount of fifty thousand pesetas. Have the goodness to present to your esteemed family the sentiments of my bitter sorrow and accept the assurance of my hearty friendsnip.

Penalty for non-performance of this Charter-Party, estimated the amount of Freight. We hope you will find out some articles serle your convenience and you will not delay in giv- ing us your valued orders, which shall be, as ever, executed v ith the best care and precision.

Contents being noted, we answer as follows: J i Ladies’, UK Packing I thank you for your sdrie of service, of which I will fruttiferj myself should the case occur. Elberfeld, Februaru 19 th. Langtcheldt, Schwarz A Co.

Guindeau himself, who wishes ardently the improvement of my condition, gave me leave to write you. We are besides disposed to give our clients all moral and financial guarantees which may be requested of us. We duly received this morning your favor of the 13 th and observe you omitted to subjoin the pattern of the dark- green cloth mentioned, which, please, send us by return and we wilKat once provide for its prompt making.

This stuff is in stock, but we regret to say we cannot comply with your desire of executing the order, in as much as, we had the honor to inform you of it lately, these goods are only saleable by whole lengths of 50 m, or half pieces of 25 m. Smyrna, March 22 nd, By travels and prolonged sojourns in other jcduntries, especially in Bordeaux and Hamburg, where they served many years, in thp first exportation-houses, both have rendered’ thepiaeljres fully competent to maintain, nay to increase, the reputation of my establishment.

Alfred Brignardello will sign: We trust that you also will not make any change in the business connexions which have existed 10 our mutual satisfaction for so long, but you will continue the confidence which we shall, as formerly, make it our study to merit by a conscientious regard to your interests. You will find his.

As our house is favorably known every- where, we think it superfluous giving you any reference. He is a learned young man, belonging to a good family well known in our town. Vienna, July the 15 th, Erbd Bros of your town, we beg to offer you our services. We should be glad if you would kindly fa- vour him with any information which he may require, and through your most valuable in- fluence, assist him in transacting business with your friends and clients.


As the firm Campos is very favorably spoken of in Chile, we think it quite redundant to add any peroration in its behalf, and we only beg you to note our resp pective signatures and reserve us your valued orders, which will meet with our best attention.

Please to settle the matter with Mr. Please to accept our best fruttferi for ordimari proof of confidence, and be persuaded we will put every care in executing your orders, deserving thus the favour of your’ new commands. The business of this firm will henceforth be taken over and continued by the two surviving partners Messrs.

Caracas VenezuelaAugust 3i st, iSl It is useless to tell you we accept viTy willingly your pro- posal and long for commencing business of mutual advantage with your respectable firm. Flcnlcher United States Consul. I fruttiferri to enclose the certificate of oVigin and the invoice thereto, amounting to pesetas, which 1 beg you to credit me with at one month’s date.

Your account expenses, as well as your commission, shall be settled each year oa the 31 st.

Our commerce consist bupni the -purchase and sale, foi account of our friends, of Italian products and articles of general exportation which meet here a read and profitable sale, viz: Shipping matters and documents tliereto Nos. We will certainly not ascribe the consequence of it to a slack of your good disposition towards- us, but to the special conditions of ywir market, which are not quite favourable to business in this season of the year.

Georg, is going to be an acting partner in our firm, and our head-clerk Mr.

Sole 24 Ore 20151010

The greatest care has been taken in packing these goods, and the prices marked in the invoice will show you how much 1 have attended to your interests in this affair. We shal’ be very happy if we succeed in demonstrating to you how worthy we are of your confidence. Hanry Bonet will sign: When you have an op- portunity, please inform him that our condescend- ing now, njust not form a precedent for future transactions, as such an allowance means grant- ing him an extra discount.

The goods have only just come from the dyers in spite of our best care in urging the work. Michael Custana Arnold FedrAani. I did my best to favor your interest, and hope you will be satisfied with the issue of this tran- saction.

We bunoi put others in work, and are hurrying them round as much as possible, but they will oreinari be ready before 10 days.