We made it a thing”. Walking around the server Discussing sitting vs standing to wipe, peeing in the shower Answering questions about favorite type of nuts, Pause proposing, naming their children, fighting depression, most anticipated movie, favorite tv shows as a child, pancakes or kangaroos, the meaning of life, their dog Zelda, a YouTuber as President, types of sauces, playing on a professional sports team, spending time with each other, honeymoon locations. Footage from Team Canada ‘s prank on adlington. Showing the progress on the house at spawn Explaining the new light sensor Working on the lava walls Talking about the public server. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. Enchanting Being a pizza topping, being cereal Sharing favorite memories of each other, other peoples perception of their relationship Collecting sand. Building a wall around the plot of land where he plans to build Talking about the dentist Adding a meteor falling over the Town Hall in response to BdoubleO’s feelings about him moving in next door Making a police station at spawn Thanking donors.

Finding KurtJKat , graduation tales. Sped-up footage of work on the cathedral foundation Talking about the statistical distribution of his viewership, and an anomalously high number of young adult females viewing his last video. Commenting on the additions to the Nether hub Adding more buildings to the ravine village. See Slaying the Wither. Testing automatic melon farms in creative not on the MindCrack server. Exploring a desert temple and a nearby jungle Stories about being sick with Andrea.

Trading with a villager Talking about a fan meet up on his upcoming trip Exploring 1. Details in the Buipding path Making a building for growing mushrooms.

Adding Beef’s face to the nether tunnel Mail. Making iron golems in his desert village Caving with a night vision potion Talking about early Minecraft, reminiscing about meeting Guude, announcing that he will be on The Shaft Podcast, considering recording livestreams.

Racing to collect 10 diamonds against Chad.

Explaining how the mob system operates thus far and continuing to work on it. Sunday – Panels and beyond”. Exploring a desert temple and a nearby jungle Stories about being sick with Andrea. Describing his decision to build his castle as a decision to be different from his Season 3 small-scale builds Setting up a creeper face-shaped door in the wall between the outdoors and the passageway within the wall Curing a zombie villager and naming him “Frank” Announcing a livestream for the coming weekend, celebrating the revival of Mhykol’s buildingg server Animatedly talking about his experiences with flying; including the story of an Allegiant Air flight from South Dakota to Las Vegas, his first ever commercial flight Marveling at airplane Wifi; telling his experiences on ndoubleo four-layover flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Huntsville, Alabama.


Sustaining a number of blasts from creepers Extending the cathedral canal and continuing work on the cathedral itself. Donations Talking about nose bleeds and chest organization Discussions of plans for home, nether and rails.

Face camera Discussing moving, the land disputes and miscommunications on the server, the worst and best sides of YouTube, donations, his cats Harvesting and discussing his mob spawner Explaining some of the redstone behind the mob spawner. Enchanting Being a pizza topping, being cereal Sharing favorite memories of each other, other peoples perception of their relationship Collecting sand. Working on making a lava fall split so you can walk through not on the Mindcrack server.

Revealing his completed nether area, update on his doctor’s visit Exploring, talking about Let’s Playing games, discussing UHC 5. Pranking Zisteau by putting portals around his base. Collecting endstone, working on his Gaping Hole Telling the story of how they met Slaying of the Wither. This page has been accessed 7, times. Please use the talk page for contact.

Finding generikb and attacking him in the Death Games Accidentally putting his and generikb’s items into the waste disposal Repaying generikb Uncovering a prank from generikb and removing it.

Views Read Edit View history. Donations Nether bedroom reveal Finding a zombie dungeon. Exploring a cave Discussing UHC 6negative comments.

Planting melons for Guude and BdoubleO Discussing automatic farms. Making a Canadian flag at Guude’s village, the arena and Zisteau’s lens. Connecting his track to the redesigned nether hub Starting to decorate his nether track.

Tour of changes in the village and clubhouse Flying over to visit Arkas’ disc. Setting up a day-night sensor to control all the lights in the town. wlth

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Building Guude’s face in his nether tunnel, talking episodr Dxtory. Putting up the signs on the donator monuments and adding lighting to the donator hall Answering questions about what sort of exotic animal he would like, channel names, what he would episoee with a million dollars, childhood memories, graphic design, previous design jobs, other jobs he’s considered and the epissode and problems of specialization Facecam Full list of questions and time stamps to answers.

Talking about his shock mount Explaining the competitive pig game epislde building in Guudeland Discussing why they aren’t planning to play more MineZ Talking about honoring donators and games he might play. Discovering and removing joehillssays ‘s image and the signs left by mcgamer and Mhykol Telling stories from his adventures at PlayOnCon Collecting glowstone in the bdoubpeo, recapping his 24 hour livestream Work on the donation monument.

Lagging out the spider spawner Removing pyramid stairs, talking about contacting game developers Working on the anti-zombie fortress, announcing a 24 hour livestream. Replacing the birch slab steps in the spire with stone Talking about MindCrack as a brand, using an analogy in which MindCrack is CBS and the MindCrackers are TV series Mentioning how he feels left out of MindCrack because he, like W92Bajhas not connected as well to other MindCrackers as he would like Talking about his experience with Internet criticism and his opinions on “fanboys” and “trolls”, and why the interplay of the two so easily inflates drama.


Tour of changes to his house Trying out the subway. Talking about his buildiing logging onto the server, networks and video views Working on working on the hall for donators.


When you gotta poop, you gotta poop. Collecting sand Sharing their favorite tv shows and movies, discussing movie classifications with Andrea. Working on the smelting plant Working on his ravine village Talking about what videos he will produce Working on the port.

Speed build of his base Discussing a design tweak he made in which he added an outer gutter to the build. Clearing out more space for the village Building a fountain Talking about FPS and other games, collecting lava from the Nether.

Minecraft :: Wither/Rap battle with KYR SP33DY and The Crew

Buioding zombies at night Working on his walls and flattening the interior land. Sped-up footage in which he finishes constructing Herobrine’s House. Showing how he turned a quarry for the cathedral into a crypt, and how he turned the crypt into a storage room Telling the story of how one of his wolves teleported to him in the crypt on fire without warning, among other wolves who teleported to his crypt Relocating his materials into the crypt storage.

Personalizing his nether portal Talking about Navi, plans for big builds. Seeing the completed Igloo Enchanting room Big build hinted at Donations added to the monument.

Working on the zombie apocalypse fortress Talking about childhood fears. Exploring the nether Searching episose a place to set up a new base. Making a sand generator Building a sandstone house, talking about Geogaching and lighting up a cave Discussing his break from livestreaming due to DDoS attacks.

The intro he used from Episode to S04E04 was made by mcgamer. Opening his Christmas presents at his house Working on his nether path. Searching for a stronghold Exploring the stronghold.