She hardly has anyone to discuss the things she likes, like books because she’s the only bookworm. Sempai is trapped in a goukon, quick, go save her Usa! Would surely watch a second season. She’s quite a quiet dense bookworm. BBCode “Love is a drug to our brain , it stops the thinking function and when you realize it wether you acomplish it or not you’ll enter in one of the 3 withdrawal states: Narration not bad, Sayaka finally has a space of its own, Mayumi never fails and Ritsu gets more characterization. Ha ha, i can totally see why Mayumi is annoyed!

Seriously, I thought that Usa saved her when he got her out of her book at the library, but it look more like he doomed her xD That friend is really Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. So Hayashi came back huh I’m so glad I stuck with this anime. I seriously loved every single episode of this. I may even have to put her in my favourite characters list, as I always looked forward to her moments the most, and she pretty much killed me most of the time! Who said weirdos can’t catch a break: Chinatsu came as well.

Will forget this in a week and replace it with Ao Haru Ride next season. Drawing with ups and downs, good animations. I really hope before the series ends that there will be an establishment that Usa has deep feelings for Ritsu cause it feels like it’s being dragged on for too long. I’m sensing Usa to rescue next episode?


I hate text interruptions too. We better get a second season so Kawai and Usa’s romance can develop.

So why are they feeling down when the ball’s cracked? Best series of the season. Looking forward to the next episode.

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The first half with Sayaka friend was really funny. On a side note I fell in love with Mayumi. Good episode, Chinatsu did a good job with Ritsu I should be epiisode to lack of romance on chinese cartoons endings but I liked how they didn’t force a “plot” on the viewer, on the contrary they tried to make each episode kinda standalone. P “Usa-kun’s Freak Show powers have evolved.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Episode 5 Discussion

Overall, what a cute episode though there are unresolved parts. Lol preview Cruel ending is cruel xD. Wonder how many episodes left Little sadist girl came back in this episode.

Still, I really liked the humor of this episode. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Episode 12 Discussion.

Also, his lisper towards Ritsu was retarded but it added to a comedy effect, i guess. BBCode “Komugi, are you there? Computer files, water guns, story time, kxwaisou good episode. And summer, best time for Shiro lol. Damn, even the characters acknowledge the ending is going to be inconclusive. Pretty good show overall.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a second season. It’s definitely become my favourite from the spring season.

I can imagine how she must have felt at the end Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: The humor was ok, with some pretty good moments. Full of great moments this time, from water fights to arm kisses and chain stories to book discussion.


I wouldn’t mind a two-cour: Nice anime overall, I would like a 2nd season of it. Relativity theory is so romantic. She hardly has anyone to discuss the things she likes, like books because she’s the only bookworm. I love the simple romance, even though it didn’t progress a whole lot. Aww he keeps on missing the happy look on Senpai’s face.

Come on, they are not grade schoolers!

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Episode 11 Discussion

No one said fitting in was easy. I can’t wait for the next one. I tried to Google “kanojo”, but that word is ambiguous too.

Second last episode of this season? My light-hearted friday nights are over. Too much blushing anome talking about Usa. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

You want to throw down? I love the fact that they put Ricchan in a tight spot but I have no idea what to think of the new girl Everything played out as it should have.