Interestingly, this scene depicts the sudden emancipation that the absence of the father figure leaves. He apologizes to her for being disrespectful and worrying about his shoe when she has just 19 Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www. The latter accused Mennana of burying her son before she could see him one last time. Another woman interrupts by saying that if men without women are useless then the opposite is true as well. Again, Hajj Bahi uses the same techniques to persuade Rachid to marry Karima by praising her cooking abilities even though she did not prepare the tea at all. Click here to sign up.

Global rank alexa traffic rank a rough estimate of this sites popularity. Karima eloquently responds by saying that she is not addressing her father now, because her father is at home. In this scene we notice a shift from the urban area to a rural one. Once more, the woman is depicted as a disrespectful figure that does not shy away from sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of a funeral to steal food. She claims that men will never greet their wives in the morning and tell them to go out and have fun while they cook instead. Anis Episode 1,

The series begins with the death of their father, an event to which Mennana reacted with a surprising composure and asked her daughters not to shed a single tear before the sun rises. This woman, named Sfiya, turned out to be his mother, she complained to Mennana, her daughter in law, and bnqt her for not allowing her son to see her neither in life nor death. Rhimou suddenly enters the kitchen and catches Aicha in the act.

The implication in this scene is that being a female will always attract the sexual interest of co-workers and that no matter how good she is at her job —even after successfully performing a heart surgery- she is still looked at as a body and judged as such. She also opens a box in which he kept his Tasbih beads, favorite cassettes, smoking pipe and photo album. She expressively declares that she is now speaking to the governor of the Dar el Ghezlan municipality and it is his duty to listen to what she has to say.


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Mounia, Karima and Hajj Bahi Mennaa 1, Mounia quickly gets angry with him for talking about her sister that way. Anis quickly turns his back on them and apologizes claiming that he did not see anything.

Sfiya Episode 1, In this scene, the common conception of women being gossipers and complaining about everything is vividly reinforced.

Bahia asked her to find solace in crying and that expressing her grief would make her feel better. The Representation of Women in Moroccan Television.

She then started to tell Rhimou how much she is fond of her out of all her sisters. Hanae is a nice person and a competent heart surgeon. Search files on torrent trackers without registration and rating.

He asks Younes if that is doctor Hanae. Another aspect of the misrepresentation of women is that they are repeatedly shown in a position where they heartlessly speak about banal things the new fridge in this case or trying to seek personal benefit promoting her merchandize in the most opportune of moments without regard to the personal feelings of others. Anis, then tries his last trick as he asks Dr. Their maid who is present at the ceremony asks 26 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www.

Hajj blames Hssina, a servant, for not keeping an eye on Karima like he was told.

This goes to show how the series reinforces the idea of women bickering about unimportant children like children which is clearly a misrepresentation of reality. Subsequently, the analysis chapter will contain two examples of Moroccan series that were aired on the two main Moroccan channels so jenana to give a more representative and objective view about how women are represented in Moroccan television.


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A lala mannana aji tkouni banti windir lik hmalla man lkhoukh ou rramana a lala mannana aji tkouni banti w ssa9ya tas9ina wl wad mayaddina. Hajj Bahi pours tea for Rachid and claims that it has been made by Karima. To fight this, the minister urged political parties to choose female representatives in television programs.

At the first glance this might seem like an ordinary scene. She speaks about the inequality that they suffer from and that men epidode the only ones who are privileged. Karima zealously expresses that women can work menxna, and then they would see if men can take care of the cattle, fetch water and do housework, nurture the children and cook.

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The latter attempts to reconcile between them by saying that Karima regrets her doings but Karima says she regrets nothing. Search and download from millions of songs and albums. Mounia soon realizes that her sister is merely being cynical. Amina, an educated woman who migrated with her husband from the city to the village, is depicted as a woman who criticizes everything and engages in trivial discussions while her husband was portrayed as a man of manners who did condone her actions.

He apologizes to her for being disrespectful and worrying about his shoe when she has just 19 Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www. Karima and the other women surprise everyone by shouting anti-men slogans and wearing manly clothes.