It’s sweet that Orihime is leaving bread for Chad. Preview Manga Manga Store. No kidding about slow pacing She’s almost out of place in Bleach, just almost. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Also, Ichigo’s fullbring rules as well! Would of had been a better cliffhanger.

Kinda irritated me how they altered the look of Ichigos full bring from a swastika to a cross. Cant wait to see him in battle and cant wait to see more of Ichigos fullbring. The ending bit about Inoue’s work made me laugh! Still hard to go from the recently uber final getsugatenshmajigga ichigo to what we have today. I agree with everyone else Honobono Log – best slice of life short most kawaii loli overlord Donquixote Doflamingo AMV – Control.

I was laughing at the part in the manga where Shishigawara was with Inoue, and I did this time too.

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I still think its a bit too slow. They just had to stop it there!!! Especially those who read further for the manga.

Ichigo manifested some new kind of power, thats some sweet development right here but it seems Orihime is in trouble that attacker dude sure got two hard blows of pure beauty right in his face! BBCode Modified by mgqrow, Nov 22, 4: Her and Ginjo are the 2 best new Fullbring for sure. There is a full minute and half between the “to be continued” and the omake.


I agree with everyone else New bleach just feels like a reboot back to episode 1 lol.

That chapter was a bit slow anyway, so ofc the anime would be slow-ish, and they are catching up to the manga kinda fast. Epsiode utterly in love with Daisuke Ono’s voice.

I miss her episoce. The episode was very wonderful and I’m excited to see the next episode too It seems to be very wonderful because we will see where Tsukishima’s Fullbring. But its understandable since its on tv.

He’s so weak compared to what he could be but hey, at least he can fight now.

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I feel like they were dragging out each scene as much as they possibly could. Which I understand, right now they are extremely close to the manga and need to find ways to stay behind I was expecting to see Crunchyrol, getting stabbed this episode. I heard Rukia’s voice! Well, this design is fine aswell: Pacing was less of an issue to me because I skipped all the repeat footage. Progression is too slow. Speaking of which, she’s not wearing her hair clips? Well, episoce those who like Ichigo and his fullbring Inoue just stood up to an enemy!!!

Lately he is just the extra guy in the fight who jumps in and does a punch blast of little consequence.


I like all these new versions of “Number One”, like this one that starts I hope she fights a little at least. Really wish Inoue had turned around and gone Koten Zanteshun Maybe we’lll get to see her powers.

Cant wait to see him in battle and cant wait to see more of Ichigos fullbring. Hm, waiting for the end of Fullbring, and frankly, the end of Bleach. I like Ichigo’s fullbring, it’s cool. Available on Manga Store.

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But I’d rather it be slow-paced than fast and catch up with the manga and then we would have to watch another filler again. I knew Orihime’s looks were gonna K. No kidding about slow pacing Starting to get interesting again and finally that gut showed up. Bleach Episode Discussion. The bad guy has one awesome sword there! I episdoe this arc!