Somewhere, somehow, someway, they found a balance between the two and managed to dance on the air. Something Borrowed by mikotyzini reviews Blake’s new neighbor is beautiful, gregarious, and definitely NOT interested in someone as boring as herself – no matter how much her imagination loves to think otherwise. But instead of becoming a Counter Guardian, he is thrust headfirst into a dying world where Magecraft never existed and the Three Factions maintain a tenuous peace that seems all too likely to break. Naoto VS Akechi by LeafyDream reviews Weeks before the events of Persona 5, Naoto and her boyfriend, Yu Narukami, enjoy themselves at a little cafe in Tokyo, only to be interrupted by an annoying pest. The Summary and tags will reflect what the most recent chapter is about. What if he and Ddraig became friends with Great Red before meeting Raynare? Kayaba Akihiko is definitely a Magus.

To end their pathetic lives. Hellsing has been getting strange reports out of Japan about dead bodies showing with no signs of trauma. Jean has a dream about a boy from Smallville. The city of Roanapur is about to be thrown into chaos. He might not have a quirk, but that can’t be all that being a hero is about. Misplaced Mages by YaDingus reviews It was an unknown. This time, he’d be glad just to make it out alive. Pieces out of Line by Wrathie Winsre reviews A new piece could change so many things, but the same applies for pieces that could be aligned better as well.

Not gleach best summary episoce it is my first story rated T for a start. Yang, Blake, Weiss and everyone else back at Beacon all have precisely five days to find and save her, or it’s lights out for their little Rose. Thus began the agony of The Scarecrow!


Sent into a new world filled with both powerful, and quirky individuals, Naruto discovers that his mission is not over. He was going to show the world that Heroes don’t have to be born. One day, contact with Sidonia mysteriously vanishes. What if she had a amazing and chaotic family?

Will Emiya Shirou fall or flourish in an age of swords? No outside links 3. Even if it kills him. Call of Duty – Rated: Rewrite of Into the Fire by iamjoekiller reviews Rewrite Well, that didn’t go quite according to plan.

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Will he face betrayal once again? What lengths will she go to get what she wants?

Persona – Compendium by DevinePhoenix reviews Awoken at the Dawn of the Dark Hour on a bloody bridge, Minato had always known of the presence of Death tucked up against his soul. Humanity’s destruction at the hands of the Angels is nigh, and thrust into the crucible of this apocalyptic conflict is a lost Huntress – the prodigious Ruby Rose.

All she could do was run whenever one appeared and that put a wedge between her and her guild mates. Although abrasive at first, Soi-Fon begins to warm up to the substitute, which might lead to something more.

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How will Magical Britain? Where will his new path take him, and how many strings will he pull or threads will he trip over along the way?

This world is pain. What about when that god is responsible for the destruction of thousands of lives and causing untold amounts of misery and nwsnime She’s over twenty thousand. Agreeing to Urahara’s request after a bitter arguement he leaves everyone behind except two.


Sometimes with body and sometimes with spirit. Rise of the Diclonius by PhalanxCrusader reviews Continuation of the manga from chapterexcept with a different ending. Unusual reviews Now that the two meet what will happen to the rest of the world? What will Issei’s life be like when he doesn’t become a devil, but is blecah as a warrior for Asgard.

How will KF react to another speedster and how will the villains fight two more super powered teens? Rated T for some violence and language.

Ladybug, Freezerburn on the side. The energy to burn planets. Rated T for the language. After months of hard work, he finally manages to enter Beacon What could possibly go wrong?

Mutants of the Caribbean: However, when he looks at her, and sees a possibility. Knocking on Hell’s Gates by dragonliege reviews When Ichigo made his decision to leave Karakura Town 3 years after defeating Aizen, he hadn’t expected to be dragged back into the supernatural world, which turned out to be much, much bigger than he could have imagined.

Soon he finds, his feelings aren’t to different after all.

Years passed without any sign of it though, leaving Izuku to wonder if he could become a hero even without a quirk.