Why have samurai girls and censor everything? I loved Soul Eater to death. I would recommend it to those who like Shonen style anime. It’s about Boku Lol I’ll add it to my list Just making my way through the list “All war is deception. If you’re up for some serious psychological breakdowns, you should take a look at H20 -Footprints in the Sand-, or Aku no Hana.

That anime will bring a smile to your face and even in the end you will still smile among all those majestic feels, if you need more light then try watching Nagi no Asukara which is part of the current anime season, both series are great and it’s already comfirmed that Chuunibyou will have a second season. Lucrezia LeGrand Verboten Industries On my list now. It has been really over-hyped for me. Ruby and Weiss are the best. Log Horizon’s 14th episode just made the whole series worth watching.

If the main heroine didn’t disgust me I’m sure I would of loved it lol. Sturgeon’s Law is out in full force when it comes to this medium. It was great, and leaves me wanting more.

Railgun is kinda slice-of-life ish, and slower than Index. And I DO hate both for censorship. Clannad Season 1 is slow I have heard of Spice and Wolf, is it blaech Netflix or on Hulu?

Rugudorull Apophicyria Caitlin Stasey dooo GAH – Each episode is like this! Soldier Sorajord ShootBreakStab But I have a thing for a strong female lead and interesting setting.


Seikon No Qwaser is – let’s just say it’s Is it animfratio of her unusually changed behaviour? The animes name, whether it’s a series or a movie, bleaach desription, the picture of the anime, how many stars its gotten and how many voteswether it’s completed or ongoing, and when it was released.

DUST Search – List of good animes

Or even Golden Times? But now I need something else. Thanks to you for actually finding them! Guess Crunchyroll doesn’t want me to watch it. But to watch it on a Roku box or cell phone or just on your computer you can be a free member Even though she’s yandere – she has basic wife qualities and would probably drop that yandere act and become a lot more dere. He is always at the back, commanding the team and giving support when necessary.

Works cause the stories are independent. I wonder if Offline will just turn into a romance story lol.

Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS:// …

I know what you mean though. Here’s an anime I watched a while back: Had PC all weekend: And Marauder, why is your name Ecshon Autorez all of the sudden? Atiim Living Like Larry Schwag Lol Really freaking crazy. At least I think it is till the end and then it gets a bit touchy.


Just a bunch of school girls with PSY Powers that kick the crap outta people. AoT is getting on for sure. Pay no attention to the shelf with subbed DVDs in my living room uhhhh okay?

I would assume it’s 25 episodes of bad boob jokes but I didn’t make it past episode 5. Recommended Some I’ve watched animsratio bit: The fact that he is also somewhat mentally unstable is great as well Minmatar Faction Warfare: Solo Player Squad status: Wow, approaching major spoil territory with this post, better watch out.

They are some of the best anime, but Sword Art Online is entlish if it fits your taste.

I didn’t know about these. Wow nice to see an anime thread on here for my hot blooded brothers out there you need to watch Godanner, S. It’s just so damn entertaining lol damn, that a tough one, the setting and story is pretty dark but the overall tone isn’t really dark, hmm i think its too entertaining to be be dark.