Big Brother 15 – Episode 25 by Quirkydude. Their list started out with 16 names and 2 have been ruled out. Many people didn’t like the ‘Nerd Herd’ and were displeased that Maggie won by luck. Thursday, July 19, Big Brother Big Brother 15 – Episode 17 by Quirkydude. CBS is narrowing down the names of the former houseguests who will make up the group of 4 which will return to this season of Big Brother I’ve felt the sting of that, believe me. I haven’t seen the first season before and totally thrilled to be watching it now!!!!!!

Your support is appreciated. Get ready for a great Big Brother season! Big Brother 15 – Episode 17 by Quirkydude. Use the link to get to my page and then click “Playlists”. It’s that time again. Now I can see seasons that I never have before! Down to 12 possible names! Hop over there and enjoy those along with all of the other great Big Brother footage available.

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Temporary Copy in Production – It won’t be good quality – but it is watchable. Posted by Kevin Wade at 6: Big Brother 15 – Episode 24 by Quirkydude.

Posted January 7, Use the link to get to my page and then click “Playlists”. Superpass has posted great interview with each of the new houseguests. It sounds like Spencer did well and Andy came out with a slight black eye.



You can see all new houseguests and read a bit about them here at Big Brother Archives. Share this post Vig to post Share on other sites.

Big Brother 15 – Episode 30 by Quirkydude. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Epsode is something that can’t be understood by those who aren’t in the know. Clicking from this page helps benefit Big Brother Archives and your support is greatly appreciated. I wish them all a wonderful Big Brother 14 season.

Big Brother 15 – Episode 27 by Quirkydude.

There are still 4 spots awaiting to be filled and those will be taken by former houseguests Many adopt their lingo I have met some of my best friends through Big Brother associations. Feeds begin as soon bit the premiere episode ends on the west coast on Thursday night.

Posted January 6, If you aren’t set up with the feeds yet, please click below and get started. Trying to explain it to them would be like trying to teach them a new language. BB might not have liked the fact that those comps would last for hours and hours, but they were fair.


If you haven’t made the move yet, now is the time to get those live feeds for the upcoming season of Big Brother Big Brother 15 – Episode 23 by Quirkydude. Daniele Donato is Out! Posted by Kevin Wade at Here is what looks like the Have Nots Room on the left.

I appreciate you signing up from my site. Those who were older and bigger didn’t stand a chance. Posted January 8, We all realize that opinions vary greatly Big Brother 15 – Episode 18 by Quirkydude. Please give a watch once they’re all posted epixode let me know whats missing. Big Brother 15 – Episode 26 by Quirkydude. Elissa has won the Veto. Browsing All Articles Brothsr. There you can find some great clips with the first view of this season’s house.

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