Then there were two other characters: I am not the script writer but a voracious writer. They do and finally it was time for her delivery. One day as Lethro goes strolling in the forest; his dream comes into reality when he sees his dream gal in person. His profile and the shots taken make him look good. Lopen Sonam in short Sonam plays as another teacher and supporting actor says he believes in reality and to forget drawing. She delivers a baby gal but lost her life.

At the end of the show. Lethro joins the monastery in Darjeeling as monk. He likes Seday and threatens Lethro if he ever sees her again. They do and finally it was time for her delivery. Her mum brings Tshering near her but that infuriates her more. At Darjeeling, they meet their old friend Sonam.

Wednesday, June 26, Sorry Wai! The temperature was just fine when I watched so no complains about that plus the plastic seats were comfortable for me. The lovers meet secretly and every time they meet, the villains get to know and threaten the lovers, the mum is also told.

It is not possible that he will constantly love and adore her. Lethro thinks of taking her to Darjeeling for the delivery. Thinley Jamtsho April 15, at 8: That was seen by Seday and she runs away.

I was looking forward to watching this movie because my childhood friend Barun Wakley was featured as a first timer. Wai dumbo, instead of a sordy, you have just narrated the whole story…. The film starts in an institute where a girl and boy hates one another so much that they can’t stand each other.


At first I thought the movie is just going to end with the drawing.

Posted by Tandin Pem at She has beauty, voice and form. He sets an example bhtanese he loving Miss Dolma and she is really there as a teacher in the school. The mum is called Aum Baadum, Tshering is the villian leader and his 1st aide is called Jaku. Last week 11 of us including four children went to watch this film at the trowa theater in Thimphu. I will not reveal the story line here or the producers will sue me wink wink.

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At first I thought she did not have a dad. Hope you enjoyed the movie….

As expected from a Tshering Wangyel film, it is full of drama. We Bhutanese seem to be so connected to films because the moment the main protagonist stands up to fight the bad guy in the film, there were people cheering up and clapping from the audience. There are villains too in this movie. Choki Gyeltshen April mobie, at 1: After the film when we wal coming out of the hall, Ssorry was looking at everyones eyes and most of the girls had spoiled their eye makeup and some had swollen eyes.

May be I am getting old but I did not like the way the main protagonist Quendeen kept his hair. But I wish the Bhutanese Movie-makers wouldn’t make the movies so darn 3 hours long.


Sorry Wai (Sorry Wai) – Bhutanese Movie Song

Just then her son comes home. You can buy eatables at the entrance. Barun is the negative character soryr the film and he has been a stylish way taking his thumb under his nose. Dad returns back in a day. She says it is OK in Thimphu but he insists and they leave for Darjeeling.

He likes Seday and threatens Lethro bhuhanese he ever sees her again. Lethro proposes to Seday but she says she is a farm lady and does not have the wish to get married to a civil servant. Like most people say, A Bhutanese film is always a hit among the public with the combination of four things.

Review of the Bhutanese movie “Seday” –

All in a package the film is entertaining and there were some audience who were talking sorgy watching it again: Drs and nurses went in. Lethro and Sonam perform along with the school children.

The grannies adopt the child. Sorry Wai, has all four of them. The heat kills you before the movie ends. The film has eight songs of which one is a comedy which seem to be the most popular. That time the dad slaps her and tells her bad deeds.