Watch the entire episode to know what happens next. Bani enters the house of Parmeet after taking the blessings of the elders. She tells her that she is doing everything very fast but Bani’s mother taunts her by telling her what Nirvail did 20 years back. Sohum tells his feelings for Bani to Rajji in the misperception that the bride in front of her is Bani. Ramon pulls the carpet from under Rajji’s feet and she slips. Bani makes her mind not to bear the humiliation and insult done to her, anymore. Bani is speaking to Anuradhaji on the phone and suddenly turns to find Parmeet standing near the door. La bande annonce du moment.

She tries to call Sohum again but gets no answer. He then takes Bani to the Gurudwara on his motorcycle. Bani tells Simran, that she has come to take Rajji with her as her uncle and aunt are going back to Canada. On the other hand, Sohum meets Rajji in the Gurdwara as she is doing seva there. Bua comes into the room and says that no one will help him in this house, and asks him to leave. But Bani, very tactfully handles the situation and makes paranthas for everybody. Nirvail loses his temper and starts shouting on her. Few minutes later, Rajji opens the door and Dolly rushes into the room.

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma

Amrit apologizes to Rajji as well as to Bani. The wall between Sarab and Nirvail’s house is finally demolished by the family members.

As they are speaking, Bani walks into the room. Sohum’s bua aunt keeps torturing Rajji in the name of test.


Bani – Ishq Da Kalma

Deshmukh tells Nirvail and rest of his family to get out of her house. Sohum tells Bani that he cannot accept Rajji as he still loves her. Rajji breaks all the relationship with Soham and leaves him. Amrit Bani’s decisive groomalong with his family, arrives outside Bani’s house. Newer Post Older Post Home. Dolly gets furious to hear this.

Bani,then, dictates the complete way to prepare Sooji Ka Halwa. But that very moment, Parmeet announces in front of the whole family that he is going back the very next day.

Meanwhile, kkalma girls who seem to be cousin sisters race to reach home, but before they reach home they part their ways as their house is divided into two parts by a bricked wall.

The team completed episodes on 2 August Sohum tells Bani that he will go episodee her to Delhi. Then she lets Bani talk to Parmeet talk in private. Balbir also adds that taking advice for business from a person who has no capability to become a father, will be suicidal. Biji, Happy, Rajji and Bani throw away the left over bricks outside their house.

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma 1x “Episode ” –

Ek Ghar Banaunga Episode 45 – 28th june Onlin Crime Petrol Episode – 29th june Online F On the other hand, Bani is in the kitchen preparing food as her family is coming to meet her. Adhvik Mahajan Soham Singh Mann. She just brushes him aside and goes into the room.


Episode Parmeet fakes a call and tries to pretend that Bani’s father Rajji and Sohum land up in an awkward situation while taking the blanket. Meanwhile, Bani tells Parmeet, that he should not have spoken to Daadji like that.

Rajji hears their conversation and intentionally speaks out loud in front of Sohum.

On the other hand, Parmeet’s mother calls up Bani’s parents to ask them to come for the 13th day prayer of Bani. Deshmukh decorates the whole house in order to welcome Parmeet and his family. Watch this special episode and know what happens next. He also tells Parmeet that he will teach him to control his anger which is very necessary.

The family members get a shock of their lives when they see Bani He suggests get Bani and Parmeet engaged that day and married after a year. After getting dressed as Bani, she thinks that what she is doing is not correct as she is going against her own family.

Later, Anuradhaji comes to Bani and asks her to come along as she wants her to see a sight. Meanwhile, Bani aka Maya sends Parmeet out on the pretext of having soup. Sohum agrees to her. He further adds that he wants to marry Rajji.