This was a major event in their history. It sounds more like a love song. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What’s going on, mate? Yes, but what about your daughter? The one person not in the film, to whom it is deeply indebted, is Jill Jolliffe, the journalist who has spent 34 years trying to tell the story. Then they, um, discharged me.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that what appeared to be ridiculous on paper worked on screen, and I would suggest that any student of film could learn a lot by studying the facts as against the fiction in this film. Look Shackleton, it’s not worth it. He took them to Balibo. This broad, untargeted approach meant that information was received about all aspects of the political conflict, including events or circumstances that had not been previously widely known First get your interviews. At the time, they Indonesian troops concentrate in the border.

Mum said it was because all I ate was How’re you going, mate?

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Jose Ramos Horta thanked me profoundly for telling the story of his country. Log in with Facebook.

Then they, um, discharged me. Aug 12, Rating: This is not the only thing they have in common. Can we film something? Please, please consider this simple proposition, if only for tonight. Or should we blame Soeharto or the politicians who turned a blind eye in the US and Australia, or perhaps the Australian TV networks who sent the journalists into harm’s way?


I Am the Night.

Shirley Shackleton Reviews ‘Balibo’, and more

This is because it deserves to be seen by as wide an audience as possible; with or without knowing about my own personal connection. The film departs from recorded events significantly in a prolonged poolside confrontation between Jose Ramos-Horta and Roger East about whether or not to continue ballbo search for the missing journalists. She’s been a great, great help in the hotel. Less than two months later, the veteran Australian foreign correspondent, Roger East, reported the truth, and detailed the ensuing human mmovie abuses of the East Timorese people as the Indonesian army invaded Dili.

So it’s possible, it’s possible that they’re still alive, right?

So how was it over there? Listen to Connelly and LaPaglia talking about their film.

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Not only will Australian audiences bear witness to the brutality and injustice of the murders of the Balibo Five, they will grapple with the events they were covering: Trouble was, the invaders couldn’t let them live to tell a story that would expose Indonesia’s covert operation to occupy East Timor — an operation the Jakarta government was denying at the time, baalibo one which Canberra knew about in advance and secretly acquiesced in.

They shouldered the hefty film cameras, the bulky sound recorders, the jumble of microphones and cords that entangled TV newsmen in that pre-video, pre-digital age. The Fretilin say we are not Communists. Why, they ask, are the Indonesians invading us?


The sceipt, despite some tense moments This renewed focus will also pressure politicians on both sides of politics to not only account for Balibo, but for Australia’s wider record on East Timor. I showed you this.

What have we learnt about the dilemma of foreign correspondents who risk their lives to bring the stories of wars, atrocities and torture to our notice? Mark Winter plays soundman Tony Scdipt, the youngest of the five at He’s one of your own.

I reckon that fictionalization is essential at times, but here it’s overdone.

You enjoy your meal? You should have seen the firefight here last night, mate.

There were no rehearsals. They, too, wanted to see what trouble they could find. The magistrate recommended the Federal Government examine prosecuting Yosfiah and da Silva for war crimes — a recommendation that, despite a promise by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to bring the killers to account, still loiters somewhere sctipt a federal police officer’s desk.