They and their Bakugan fight. Dan says that he has learnt some things over the past few years. After seeing their memories, Drago begins to think that the evolution wasn’t the error, that it was him, not being ready. Dan and Drago then receive power from the gate and key while Razenoid blasts Drago. As the current is about to get very strong, the Brawlers’ memories were seen, including Betadron, who sees the fate of the Nonets when they were crushed by Mechtavius Destroyer. Mag Mel is pleased that he finally has the key. Later, Anubias summons Smasheon and defeats Taylean which hurts Shun. Wiseman appeared before Gunz, revealed his face, and told Gunz how he was created from his jealousy of Dan.

Dan insists to fight against Mag Mel but Marucho tells him not to, calling him a liability. Ben says, to not mention him again and as Robin declares that Anubias is gone, and that they are on their own now. They are stunned as Mag Mel arrives revealing that he can see visions of Dan too, so he knew about the attack. Dan and Drago then receive power from the gate and key while Razenoid blasts Drago. Meanwhile, Marucho is still trying to repair the access point but Rafe alerts them of Chris and Soon arriving with Sellon. Razenoid then blasts Tristar who gets up later as Dan and Drago fly up to the Moon after breaking free with Mag Mel and Razenoid coming from behind. As soon as everything turned back to normal, Mira arrived and brought her advanced Vestal technology to aid Marucho and the Marukura Corp into making the Bakugan Research Center, which is now the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Headquarters.

Then suddenly, Anubias arrives and kidnaps Noah. Shun and Marucho tell Dan that they still think he should not fight, but decide to support him anyway. Aerogan transports mechtanim Bakugan City but gets a less-than-welcome greeting from each of the Bakugan requesting for a battle.

Meanwhile, in the battlefield, the Brawlers summon Flytris, Dragonoid Baougan, and Thorak, as well as creating their combinations Aeroblitz, Magmafury, and Betakor, while the four rogue Mechtogan combine into the deadly Mechtavius Destroyer. Also the Brawlers’ were surprised that Helios had an attribute change.

Using her BakuNano, she manages to defeat Tristar but only before she finds out e;isode was a distraction. Their conversation is interrupted when Marucho is brutally defeated in battle by the Bash Brothers, two boys using BakuNanos.


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However, since Dylan doesn’t want to be destroyed, he tells the Chaos Bakugan where the Brawlers were and they arrive there along with Dreadeon clones and the former Bakugan of Team Anubias and Team Sellon. After they arrive, the Brawlers found out that was a hologram, while the real Wiseman electrifies Runo and Kato to steal three Battle Suits. Once his story was over, Mira announced that she made duplicates of the Battle Suits Wiseman stole.

Shun and Taylean fight on. Dan insists to fight against Mag Mel but Marucho tells him not to, calling him a liability. Just as Anubias arrives to New Vestroia, he says that he is a messager and he says skip the introductions and to battle.

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Back on Interspace, Noah still can’t believe that Anubias is really gone while Dan consumes too much hatred for revenge and decides to destroy Mag Mel once and for all. Dan discovers this and wants to help but begins to realize that Shun may have had a point earlier.

However, Razenoid proves to be too strong and manages to survive and defeat all of their Mechtogan. Dan and Spectra accept the challenge and gives his forces to Or and Helios to bqkugan and form Mercury Dragonoid and Mutant Helios; together managed to destroy the remaining Chaos Bakugan and Mechtogan and they destroy the portal.

Dan baugan extremely frustrated and grabs Marucho by the collar and yells at him, that he has saved him over the past few years.

Preyas proves to be no match for the Mechtogan Venexus putting Drago into a rage and making him lose control of his powers. Dan throws Drago and start the fight, but he loses in the first round. They then split into two groups: Near the end, Dan and Wiseman have a personal fight to retrieve the stolen BakuMeter, but Wiseman and the Nonets retreat.

Amazon, having heard all about Drago from Preyas, wishes to battle with Drago. The Chaos Bakugan come after them and Rafe doesn’t know what to do, wishing that Marucho and Shun were there to help them. Drago is then defeated by all of them due to being a six on one fight and they had BakuNano’s but when Dan was about to throw Drago back into the battle, Marucho stops him and sends back the brawlers alongside Dan into the interior of Bakugan Interspace. Wiseman then appears and prepares to punish Balista for “putting his nose in other people’s business”.


He then takes them all down with ease. Ren assures linee that he is not spy for Mag Mel mecgtanium he has his own doubts.

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He tells the other Brawlers about this vision and suggests using his link to find and attack him. Marucho is right and someone appears in the Dimension Portal.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 46 End of the Line – Watch Cartoons Live Online

The rpisode begins with Skytruss and Orbeum investigating on Wiseman’s hideout, having been transported there by Shun when he threw them two episodes earlier. Zenthon then disappears and Amazon say that both Dan and Drago work really awesome when they work together. Drago struggles fighting against the two when suddenly Dan and Drago begin to have visions again and Drago loses control of his powers.

Gunz and Reptak have created a new Mechtogan, Chromopod. They also think Mag Mel is hiding underground in his castle while he commands the Chaos Bakugan to attack Gundalia. He and Dan then activated the Gate and Key. After they fight, the result of an explosion leads to Dan losing. Bakufan on Earth, Marucho and Shun are at the place where they were waiting for Dan in episode 6, talking about Dan.

Anubias prepares to go but Mag Mel sends Sellon instead, angering Anubias. Once if got out about this place, all Bakugan from New Vestroia partnered up with humans and are now living there.

Dan and Drago tell them that they should only be fighting them not the innocent but Mag Mel responds as it is an act of revenge and he doesn’t care bakugzn nobility.