Edit Storyline The Rats aren’t getting along with Brick, and neither is Jo, who accuses him of switching sides. After all, it was my fault that we lost. And after the campers’ personal items start disappearing, suspicions are running high all over. Listen, you didn’t need to do that, you know. If only there was a way for me to gain more strength in my arms… End of Confessionals Cameron still exhausted from the push-ups: However, instead of voting somebody off, Brick volunteers to be eliminated for breaking his ‘code’. Man, those push-ups really drained my carbohydrates. Now, before I go, I just want to say that I’m going to miss having you guys as teammates.

You seem to have a lot on your mind. Man, those push-ups really drained my carbohydrates. Make it quick, please, because it’s really late. It’s just that I feel so…betrayed. Lightning’s was boasting intensely after the challenge; he was very jubilant about the win. And a crappy day to you, too! If only there was a way… Static Cameron: Anyways, I’ll see you around, Jarhead.

Lie on the ground. I need your help. Cartoons Total Drama series. Besides, you…you wouldn’t understand. ReRevenge of the Island: Oh, and I also apparently kissed Anne Maria in front of Zoey during the challenge. It is late at night, right after the Maggots’ Campfire Ceremony. However, instead of voting somebody off, Brick volunteers draja be eliminated for breaking his ‘code’.


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island – Backstabbers Ahoy! (Preview) Clip 1 – video dailymotion

Drmaa returns to her side of the cabin, and everybody gets into their bunks. Her hair shimmers in the sun, and her eyes are a light blue. All right, now those fools won’t know that I’m planning all of their demises out here.

In a shocking twist, though, Chris instead switches him to the Toxic Rats…. I’m not sure what he would be doing here at this hour… Lightning: Figure out the answers to these questions and more, next time! Audible Download Audio Books.

I came to improve, to become stronger, and now I can finally gather the courage I need to- Suddenly, he hears a whistle blowing. Just In All Stories: We’ll likely have to keep an eye out for it, for we don’t know what it is yet. Season 4 Episode 5.

We all know why. I didn’t mean to say that out loud. You’re goin’ down, twinkle-toes… Mike as Chester: He picks up a log in one hand. He really likes Zoey, aoy you see You know, even with what I said, you’re a really nice guy, Brick. Just make sure to stay on their good side, okay? Knowing that she had indeed read his mind, he too blushes.


I know you have this, like, primal urge to try and challenge me at every chance you get, but I don’t like it anymore. Hey, maybe that’s pizza he has with him! Your review has been posted.

Backstabbers Ahoy!?

Don’t backsabbers yourself entirely! Full Cast and Crew. Oh, I just love that boy…. We are all imperfect. I mean, during the challenge he was just sort of an asshole, but even after that he’s acted so…strange. Then, maybe later, you can talk to her about it and work it out. Start your free trial.