The next night, he is still looking for her when he is attacked by three men. Miori tells Toya of her wish that they could live together happily with his fake past, then flies up to the roof of the building and throws herself off before Toya can stop her. Q wait long into the night for them at overpass. A stranger then saves her life by pushing her out of the path of a car, then disappears before she can thank him. When he realizes she spent the night with Toya, he quickly goes to retrieve her. Ceres is able to get under Shota just before he lands, taking the brunt of the fall and knocking her unconscious. Miori appears and orders Toya to torture and kill Aya. Confused, she turns to Aki to ask what happened, but Aki is writhing in pain as cuts begin appearing all over his body.

Toya runs forward to get Aki but Wei gets there first. Ceres and Miori face off above the Mikage building. As Aki wonders what that was, Toya arrives. Wei gets Toya’s dagger and badly hurts him, but Toya is able to make the dagger reappears in his hand and cuts Wei’s eye. Crying, he tells Toya go without him, as he cannot see Aya the way he is now, and gives Toya the letter he wrote to her. Toya goes to the Aogiri residence and tells Suzumi that he still cannot remember Aya. Meanwhile, her cousin Kagami tasks Toya with protecting both Aya and Aki, and making sure they do not see each other. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he’s taking Aya away, as he promised before.

Aya realizes Suzumi has been captured by the Mikages and she, with Yuhi, head to the main house.

As she falls, she begins floating again, to land safely in Yuhi’s arms. As they listen to Suzumi talking in her sleep, Ceres and the Aogiris discover that Suzumi was three months pregnant and had miscarried when Cere died.

Leaving the Mikage mansion, Aki detects Ceres’ presence and forces Kagami to drive towards her. The chief of the Mikages tells Ceres that he will give her to no one. He doesn’t say anything and walks past them. Her mother tries to kill her, believing Aya killed her father. This is a complete episode listing for the anime series Ceres, Celestial Legend. Toya does not find him. Aya returns from the hospital and finds Toya in his room struggling to bandage his wounds.


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Aya asks Yuhi to help her forget Toya and decides to give herself to him. Aki tells Toya that his memories as Toya Mizuki are false and tries to kill Toya. The guard complies, then he and the other guards point guns at Aya. He tells Aya she should have nothing more to eisode with him, as he only wants Ceres. Ceres tells Aya that Toya is calling for her, and Aya finally wakes up. feres

Crying, he tells Toya go without him, as he cannot see Aya the way he is now, and gives Toya the letter he wrote to her. Aya realizes that he is not Aki and pulls away. Kagami reveals that he eenglish is obsessed with Ceres’ “perfection”, and has cees since fifth grade when he found an old picture of Ceres emerging from a Mikage girl.

Toya clears the hospital room around Akiyama, the patient who sent out the strong energy blast, as Akiyama sends out another destructive energy blast that destroys the roof. Astonishingly, the baby grew rapidly to a fully-grown man. Brought back to the roof by Yuhi, Shota stands for the first time in two years promising not to give up anymore if Toya will promise not to take Chidori away. Aya cries as she holds them. In his amnesiac state, he remembers only her last name – “Mikage” – and his own, “Toya”.

Aya, Yuhi, Chidori, and Mrs. She told him that she had never loved him in wnglish first place and that his only use was for creating seed in order to perfect progeny and more superior human descendants. Aya meets Toya by the sea and tells him that their investigations revealed that the hagoromo at a local shrine turned out to be just a piece of cloth. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As he talks, Aki’s tone changes and he stabs Toya with one of the handcuffs saying that he will never give Aya to him or anyone else.


Ayahsi Howell is told to give her a drug to manipulate her mind. Surprised to find the man suddenly beside her on the tree, Aya panics and nearly falls but he catches her.

Ayashi no ceres episode 1 [ENGLISH SUBBED]

Toya appears and throws a ceees around Chidori. She also says she feels she has seen him somewhere before, but doesn’t know if the memories are hers or Aya’s.

Howell leaks information about the Mikage to the police as instructed. Toya says he chooses Aya. The old man forbade Toya to leave the island, and Toya englisn content with that until he meets the young Aya.

Toya heads to Aki’s room as Kagami and Alex wonder how he got the dagger in when he’d been searched before he came in. Aki orders Kagami’s men to drug her and take her to the lab, while he goes on ahead.

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An unconscious Toya washes up on the beach and is brought to a clinic. Toya calls Aya to tell her that he and Aki are leaving the Mikage that night for good, and asks if she can control Ceres. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Both songs are performed by Day-break. Toya, strangely unharmed by her attacks, escapes with Aki while Yuhi uses a kiss to bring Aya back. Toya is there working as a school doctor, having been given fake memories by Kagami.