Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should not have gone through to ruin the original. But our taste is still intact. Something brews between the two as Shekhar goes back to his home in Mumbai. Angar Wadi should have been in this list. A rerun of some of these on International Channels would be highly appreciated by the older as well as the present generations, and enable the Pakistani as also the Indian communities living abroad to understand each others’ cultures and ways of life which are common in many ways so that there is more cordiality and congeniality among them henceforth. Sixteen years back, the world of Shekhar and Nandita with their little daughter was nearer to perfection so much that no one could suspect that in his complacent heart was lying the seed of betrayal. This is one of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistani television. Also since you mentioned a serial “Alif aur Noon” which was not a drama, Anwar Maqsood’s “Such Gup” was also as hugely popular.

Now we have stars, model, morning show presenters , all void of substance. They only want to see Meenu Ka Susraal! Equally liked in India. Zindagi Gulzar hay and Angan. However, it is a welcome opportunity for nostalgia. It is hard to pick top ten. Old and gold days of Pakistan, when there was no terrorism and people were tolerant towards each other. Comments Closed Popular Newest Oldest.

Ankahi PTV Classic DRAMA DVDRIP – Part 2/14

I miss those times. Shekhar’s life takes a U-turn as he meets an actress and a former beauty queen, Kavya Krishna Esha Deolat a hospital with her wrist being slit and slowly the two fall for each other and continue to meet even after her wrist is cured. Fasih Bari Khan, writer of several highly-acclaimed yet controversial TV plays, seems to be an oddity in these times. An-kahi tops the list though, amazing script, phenomenal script!!! Hotstar Free 00s Movies. Boxtv Drama Romance Movies.

Later, Shekhar arrives at home as he and Nandita confront each other about the affair as the confrontation ends with Nandita giving him a slap on the face.


Aangan Terha is a must to include in the list. Angar Wadi should have been in this list. No “uncle Urfi” in the list.

Hotstar Drama Thriller Movies. Personally, would have placed Sunehray Din instead of Ainak wala jin. But Kavya leaves no stone unturned, she goes and visits him at his office at the hospital and in tears asks him to forget all that he said yesterday and explains to him how she can feel fhll only with him.

Other than what is mentioned, earlier actresses and actors were just that, intellectuals, well read drama tv screen specialists. Television has ceased to exist as a medium of family entertainment. Another cult classic, this drama was aired multiple times over the years onlin to its popularity.


These are the assets of Pakistan. Known for its witty dialogues and the strong, endearing, candid character of Sana played by Shehnaz SheikhAnkahi was quick to reach cult status. Ohh God read late, I voted All.

Family and other social and moral values shown in these dramas were actually part of our society which are extinct now. Old but not forgotten: Boxtv Thriller Free Movies. Yet the run-of-the-mill domestic sagas do seem to be cashing in from the ratings circus. Rucha Pathak Executive producer.

AnKahi (playlist) | PTV Classics | Pinterest | Drama, Pakistani dramas and Pak drama

I saw both and the new version was nowhere close to the original in performances. Hotstar Hindi Free Movies. Indian exporters to suffer more from cessation of trade with Pakistan, data shows. A true masterpiece written by the comedy king Kh. I just would like to add “Dhuwan” in this list too!!! Drama Thriller Free Movies.

Spuul Romance Thriller Movies. Although not a drama but a drama in real life, “Kaliyan”, a children’s program that gave us innumerable artists of top most level. Going by what Mufti and other veterans of the industry say, the advertiser of drama serials now understands that men, who according to them prefer watching news channels, are not their dama audience.

Captialism is destroying everything. Similar story with script writers, I am pretty sure some of them may not even be in Pakistan. Jio Cinema Biography Free Movies.


Anyway, they all are classics. An kahi is so nostalgic and I can watch it again n again.

Because we try to ape our neighbor I snkahee told that PTV does not even have print of the original version and it had to be re-shot with different cast to re-telecast. Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should not have gone through to ruin the original. It was released in and has a runtime of minutes.

Kabhi ham bhi khoobsoorat thay. There is a need for India to revisit its security policies in the occupied region. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.

Ankahi – PTV Classic Drama (Complete) Watch Free All TV Programs. Apna TV Zone

rdama Ankahi is probably the best drama PTV has ever aired. Sep 12, It simply boils down to the fact that if the buyer is not picking a certain item, there is no reason to keep it on onlie shelf anymore. Can you imagine someone writing a multi-layered, complex and ambitious woman like Zara from Tanhayian in today’s time?

Most of the plays airing at any one time are based on totally idiotic plots such as Hum’s ‘Aik Mamooli see Larki’. Jio Cinema Thriller Free Movies. Ankahe need an academy, too, along with commercialism.

We like to say we’re going through a ‘revival’ of sorts when it comes to TV in Pakistan — but lets not forget dramas of yore, that were just as awesome in their day as Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are now.

I would love to add Andhera Ujala n fifty fifty instead of Ainak wala Jin.