GameCenter lies quite easily. Second bird went in to the gap between the first two structures. However, it looks like getting that to happen is almost impossible. But you still have to launch Matilda at the right time to maximize the damages made by the egg. No offence Slim but I couldn’t understand your walkthrough at all, way to convoluted. I’ll probably finish recording tonight and get the videos made and then Birdleader or I will post on ABN tomorrow. Angry Birds “Bird Island” Update!

I just got with a rather repeatable but seemingly wasteful method: After weeks of frustration too I tried your idea and got it within about 30 minutes!! Thank you so much!! Yes, this is the way to go with three birds. I know what you mean AMslimfordy. And if you see one of the broken branches shaing … Then wait an see …. I honestly think that way is easier. Prince of Persia Cosplay.

It has helped me up my score, though I will keep trying as I know I can do better.

Thank you Fiji Toast for completing the mighty eagle walkthroughs list! The score in the video below is 96, SG is giving me trouble as well. Patience is the keyword for this one. I think it’s a rescue mission. Have tried to discard this quest but ut is blicking otherwise quest to apoear. It took me over 12 hours altogether to nail this one.


Please check the new forum. The Witcher 3 Wallpapers. I’ll keep trying though. This has been driving me demented!!!

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Mooncake Festival Level | AngryBirdsNest

I went straight to the sardine can and tossed it where the first red lantern is. Use the first Yellow Bird to take out the top wooden blocks at the top of the “tower”.

It’s a hard one until you figure out how to do it. Can’t remember how i did exactly. Angry Birds “Birdday 7” Update! Extra Life A Charity: Finally with the eagle you can destroy the rest right tower.

The house collapsed and killed all the pigs. I hate this puzzle more than I hate all the wrongs that ever spun their woes upon this Earth. Just can’t see how they can be done.

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Here’s the YouTube link: Lining up the Big Brother with the path of ME was the challenge for me. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or Birrds please contact us or check out our advertising rates. But you still have to launch Matilda at the right time to maximize the damages made by the egg.


Used this strategy even before reading this post after trying other methods of my own. Here is my video. Just found the walkthrough for SG Level 21 and got the feather We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more.

Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Festival Level 2-10 Walkthrough

Now all I need is SG ……. The large pig on the bottom right was the challenge with the debris fall after the activation of the tnt. Check out our new Lego The Incredibles guides! I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but I had 2 small wooden plans and 1 small ice block left. Find this walk thru and it took less than ten minutes to achieve!

This level I spent most of the time on …. See what AMslimfordy did above.