Oneshot untuk menyemarakkan akakuro days. First he discovers that he has this sort of power that destroys everything and his body is more sturdy than others, and when he falls of a cliff, a redhead devil girl has revived him as one of her kind The detective who transforms during the day and a thief who dons his costume in the night. Tolong, Injak Aku by OrionSykes reviews Apa yang sebetulnya dimaksud Asano ketika membicarakan tentang kalung leher anjing? There is a new danger lurking, but with all the problems riding on his shoulders, Shinichi might not be able to handle it alone this time. Will he try to defy his own existence or will he come to accept it?

What will Conan do? A twin born separately, one in light and another one in darkness. The boy became her first friend. What if she decided to go to Aoba Johsai, and became the boys’ volleyball team’s manager? Tapi keputusan tak terduga muncul dan merubah hubungan yang kita jalin selama ini. An angels secret Old by kokob5 reviews Idea from Chiyozora-Mazura’s Owari-no-plots Suggested by a fan While Mika was busy at a young age giving Ferid Bathory blood for basic necessities to help his family survive in the vampire city Yuu was busy doing the same thing for another high ranking Progenitor, Crowley Eusford, So what happens when they find each other again years later at the battle of Shinjaku? Question aside, this is going to be basically Baka to Test characters making youtube channel.


D when its all over? Pilih Kasih by Akashiki Kazuyuki reviews Selepas pulang kerja, Gakuhou langsung dilontarkan kalimat “Pilih kasih,” oleh anaknya. Namun bagaimana jika Kuroko Tetsuya tak ingin bangun dari mimpi indahnya? Besok kita akan makan gratis. K – English – Adventure – Chapters: And what if this Student is Karma? The day that all of his ambitions evaporated.

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He always anticipates the appearance read: Except it doesn’t go the way things should go. Aku tidak mendengar apapun. Otonashi’s True Past by goldenstar93 reviews AU where Otonashi’s past malanan completely different from the show.

Her hands were cool from the chill air blowing against them. Jalan yang Ia pilih, adalah jalan yang benar kan?

Omegaverse, Shizaya, rated M for later chapters. Short Talk by cimplo reviews Sebuah pembicaraan singkat antara Gakuhou dan Gakushuu.

Gajeel announces that he’s in a relationship with Gray! He left without looking back. He was perfect but, he was aanak in a class full of defectives when he first entered the school he’s supposed to attend to.

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What’ll happen when the magician decided to go back to Japan? Hari-hari yang awalnya tenang menjadi penuh dengan masalah baru. Yukio, however, hasn’t been able to accept what his sister has done. Kuroko Version by Otaku Sesat reviews Kuroko memiliki kepribadian ganda! Tolong, Injak Aku by OrionSykes reviews Apa yang sebetulnya dimaksud Asano ketika membicarakan tentang kalung leher anjing?


K – Indonesian – Humor – Chapters: Porno anne kizi ve damadi rus.

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One moment can change everything. Kuroko yang tengah patah hati, tanpa ia sadari telah menabur benih cinta di hati sang Akashi Seijuuro namun itu masih belum mampu mengobati hati Kuroko, yang bertepuk sebelah tangan.

M – English – Supernatural – Chapters: Atau ada alasan lainnya? Apalagi kehamilan itu akibat hubungan one night stand yang tak sengaja terjadi. Takes place somewhere in the manga or anime after all of the current events. Now they’re going to the same college and still playing volleyball while living as girls and Hinata finds out that having a huge rack might not be all it’s cracked up to be xD.

Regret of the seme by asuka. Tidak Ada yang Sempurna by Leomi no Kitsune reviews Setiap orang pasti mempunyai kelemahannya sendiri kan?

Supressing The Demon by Skull reviews Shino has a secret that nobody knows. When Natsu starts reacting oddly to Gray’s magic, how will they figure out what’s going on? Saat bulan Ramadhan nanti, kita harus masuk pesantren.

Baru pertama mengenal, bertahun-tahun memendam, dan jalaban cintanya bertepuk sebelah tangan. Can they save Natsu?