You are looking for a Vaeolus petpet! Visit any World’s Weather page when it is gloomy or rainy. Take it to the Lenny from Lenny Conundrum. Hope it all works out soon. I had previously stopped when having to get an item from the stores and this pet wanted to make me stop again haha. Head to the Archivitst to get your new coordinates. I’m excited to get the avvie tomorrow and I’m using the theme now! Are you still a little unsure?

Click this link choose The circus? What I would do, was I would wait until two seconds after the minute to start Now click on one of the waves. Then, when inside the mill,pull the lever that is located to the left hand side. Follow The Archivist into his office. He’ll be sleeping in 4 hours, 16 minutes. You will now get you new constellation. From your list though everything looks fine!

Altadkr until the next minute, then check. Connect the stars and it will look like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Head to any of the three shops in Altador: It doesn’t have to be at Neopia Central.

From there, at any of the shops, check the inflation rate of that shop. Follow our guide to complete the plot. I did without it. I knew about the trophy but not the theme and avatar!

Neopets Altador Plot Solution and Walkthrough | The Daily Neopets

I’m sure other people would find it useful. Again, go back to the Archives.


Put a rock in the first gear on the first line then click the button behind the janitor and see what you get. First, head off to the Old Follies Farm.

Give Medicine Wait Check in on the Vaelous 7. He’ll be sleeping in 4 hours, 16 minutes.

A Skeith knocks on the door just then. Link to our guide!

To Do List for Newbie: So there you are, in the main hall of the Archiveswhen something catches your eye. Now click on one of the waves. Now you need to click the Last pixel in the bottom left hand corner like below. It takes quite a few refreshes so be pacient with it.

The Janitor is a little upset you went to the Punch Club without him. Hooray we have a piece of Blueberry Pie!! I actually just tried it again and got it to work on only like the 15th try!! Then go to see the Archivist!

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This is very altzdor. Successfully make any purchase at Tarla’s Shop of Mystery. Have you managed to get past this? I know, it seems from chheat list that I’ve done what I can right, but no bite at all. I realize this is like forever after you posted this, but I started this plot waaay back then and gave up because of this part.


Push the sun shaped button beside him. Welcome to myTDN, guest!

Healing the Vaeolus

This is why I gave up on the plot before hiatus: Gloomy or rainy weather at any world can do. I literally gave up on the vaeolus until i saw your post!

Sign In Sign Up. I don’t have a medicine button Click on the vase again and take the Meepit Plushie. You should now be looking outside the window and onto the ground, now click on one of the little cirles on the ground that vvaeolus from the sunbeams. He’ll be sleeping in 4 hours, 16 minutes. I’m excited to get the avvie tomorrow and I’m using the theme now! Click this link choose The circus? You can click the paper to go to the astronomy club.

Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Thanks for the chuckles.