The psyche is the most fragile bone in your body and your mind can do remarkable things to keep that bone from breaking. A teenage girl gives birth alone, then throws the baby in the trash and tries to pretend nothing happened. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Oct 01, Karen rated it liked it. You tell yourself what you have to to get through it. Especially when she arrived in juvenile detention, she was so judgmental especially when it came to other girls. Seperti yang kita sudah tahu dengan jelas.

My major problem with this book is that Devon spent most of it in denial. According to the description of this book, the reader is supposed to empathize with Devon and look at her story in a sympathetic light. Great subject matter teenage pregnancy handled in a most appropriate and empathetic manner by Amy Efaw. Efaw lives with her family in Denver, Colorado. Oct 16, Ashleigh rated it did not like it Shelves: I don’t understand how someone could’ve been in such denial over pregnancy and also have hidden it for nine months.

She informs the officer that her daughter, Devon, stayed home from school that day because she was sick.

Mar 06, Savannah Books With Bite rated it it was amazing. Aug 11, Minutes Young Adult Buy. Coba kita lihat pada kehidupan Devon. The psyche is the most fragile bone in your body and your mind can do remarkable things to keep that bone from breaking. So far, Devon has been successful — a model student, a reliable babysitter, an amazing soccer player. Devon is a soccer player, we know, and we don’t need two soccer metaphors a page to remind us it’s important to her.

Check out my Youtube channel: Amanda Rivera Im pretty sure there is about pages, its been a few weeks since I’ve personally read the book.


Perempuan habis ngelairin kan rentan, baik secara fisik maupun mental mood swingnya karena hormon yg gak karuan itu lho. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Every omvie one of those pages reads like a Law and Order script. It’s not about making choices you’re actually OK with.


Devon has just given birth; the baby in the trash is hers. Both are wonderful, but the actual story itself is one aky those stories that makes you squirm a little and question everything. Thanks for telling us about the problem. When a baby suddenly Another disappointment, courtesy of NPR. ,ovie found myself feeling very protective of her one minute and horrified by her the next.

Anyways, I would suggest this book for nice relaxful days or an airplane trip or whatever.

I’m sorry, but that didn’t happen. It taught me that afted in onesel This book taught me a lot of things about the way people work.

Apr 24, Devon rated it it was ok. Only someone finds this baby screaming, and IT lives. The baby is discovered and a murder trial begins. It was incredibly anti-climactic.

After by Amy Efaw by Natalie Jovel on Prezi

It told me that no matter how well you think you know someone, there’s always something new. They go to each apartment that is near that trash can looking for anything suspicious. May 23, Kritika rated it did not like it Shelves: I waited the entire book for something of substance to happened and then it fizzed at the end.

She thinks she’s better than all the others at juvie because she didn’t really do anything wrong According to the description of this book, the reader is supposed to empathize with Devon and look at her story in a sympathetic light.

After by Amy Efaw

The handling of Devon’s emotions comes off as trivial, superficial, aftter immature. Her works include After and Battle Dress. I find that nearly impossible. It really made the story realistic. After That Morning, there?


About After Who could do such a thing? View all 7 comments. Bacon adalah mekanisme pertahanan diri. Through conversations with her lawyer in preparation for a trial to determine whether or not she’ll be judged in the juvenile system or be sent to the adult aftrr, we get affter good picture of what was going through Devon’s head.

Book 4 Lee 1 2 Mar 14, The choices that she makes — not to seek help, not to imagine the possibility that she may be pregnant, not to talk to the people who love her — are just as poor as the ones her mother made, although they are different.

Aug 11, Pages Young Adult. Sadly, the novel never gets there, and I found the ending especially horrible. I felt phantom labor pains at one point. Aug 19, Erica Kim rated it it was amazing.

Want to Read saving…. Her mom’s kind of flaky, so she doesn’t even notice how sick Devon is, just semi-chastises her for missing school and launches into a story of how they’d found a baby in the dumpster just outside their apartment complex.

While I know not all cases are the same, it will give you a new perspective of what these women go through. Special Victims Unit which at least has theatre actors in guest-starring roles and bizarro plotlines that mak I have so many problems with this book. Entah apa nama phobianya, gw emang suka ngilu kalo membayangkan melahirkan bayi gw dulu SC sih. It reads like anti-choice rhetoric to me.

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