Shamsa then visits Aaliyan’s Dadi. But Aaliyan does not listen. When he reaches home Natasha shouts and says that she can’t live with him anymore. More articles by admin. He then goes to her but is really angry at her as she left him while he was young. She tries calling Aaliyan. Probably one of the best OST of the year.

She tries calling Aaliyan. Soon his dad arrives and insults Qudsia. So he stays there. Shamsa gets emotional and just wishes to talk to him and hug him but he refuses and then leaves. When Aaliyan returns to her he keeps talking to her and realizes that she has died. Well, Sheheryar is way better than Emad in terms of dialogue delivery.

His dad comes to his dadi and shouts at her on various matters which causes the death of her. Qudsiya gets depressed and breaks down in front of Aaliyan.

There Aaliyan calls on Shamsa’s phone fast which he was sure that Qudsia would pick and she did. Soon they come to Pakistan. This drama was a complete disappointment for all its fans including me.

Natasha keeps thinking that Aaliyan is cheating on her. Shamsa then visits Aaliyan’s Dadi. Views Read Edit View history. More articles by admin. It also aired on Indian channel Rishtey. Qudsiya’s family were not able to pay the azsmanon. He decides to go back at Qudsiya’s place.

Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies. Natasha and Aaliyan soon get married. Aasmanon Pay Likha Title screen. But once again, I was in for a disappointment. During its run the drama aadmanon most watched and highest rated.

Aaliyan had made it absolutely clear that he would never behave like his zasmanon. Qudsiya asks him to stay as it was raining. Well, Sheheryar is way better than Emad in terms of dialogue delivery. We have been waiting for a romantic scene between the leads since the past 23 episodes and got one right in the end and that too was only 3 minutes long. This may aasmanoj a second or two.


Aasmanon Pe Likha

Later Aaliyan comes to Qudsia and tells Shehnawas about him and Qudsia. She takes care of her unaware of the fact that she is Aaliyan’s real mom.

He then admits that his car wasn’t damaged. Aasmanon Pay Likha Urdu: Close Window Loading, Please Wait! He asks that he’ll give her a divorce but her Dadi warns him not to do so. Aasmano cries on the phone as does Qudsia. He then says that hell be coming tomorrow and asks her to be ready. While she is about to go Aaliyan holds her hand and asks her not to go.

He should have at least recognized by now that Qudsiya is no gold digger. Its cast was also praised. She gave a long list of reasons why they would never be able to be together. Later he returns to his house where everyone is really angry with him.

Aaliyan has been trying desperately to move on and look forward to his life with Natasha, but Qudsiya is still stuck somewhere at the back of his mind. Skip to secondary content.

She gave him a piece of mind and his conscience was finally awoken when Qudsiya asked him what he would nmaes done if the something similar happened to his own daughter.

He shouts in tear and leaves. More articles by admin. But Aaliyan does not listen. Aasmanon Pay Likha Asamanon 15 — Revelations from the past! She says that she just wants to hug him but he refuses and leaves. The series was also aired in India on Rishtey. Posted on November 28, by Zubia Rizvi. Shahnawaz kept on asking Qudsiya to stay with them but finally gave up when he saw that she had made her decision. Dadi tells him how good Qudsiya is and how this will affect her and her family though it is not even her mistake.


He says “ki Mai bhi ruka tha kyunki tumhe meri zaroorat thi” to which she replies “Aap ruke kyunki aap ki gaadi kharab hogayi thi”. We know now that history is repeating itself.

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Lastly it is shown that Aaliyan and Qudsia are happy together. She was so kind to Qudsiya when she came for to apply for the job and quickly appointed her when she realized that she needs the job badly. He then goes to her but is really angry at her as she left him while he was young.

Sanam Chaudhary has also done a commendable job her screeching will echo in my ears for a long time. This may take a second or two.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She wants Aaliyan to recognize her as his wife otherwise she would not go back at any cost, but even she knows this would not happen. Sultan had chosen Rana over Shamsa and left her, he had even lied to Aaliyan about her mother running away with someone else.