Yet, th oughout this article, we have demonstrated that debates surrounding companies like Secret Cinema may well have exaggerated the extent to which audiences are embracing these changes. Membership thus becomes a key mechanism of distinction, whereby the price one is required to pay is seen to indicate ho alued ea h usto e feels. P Here, there is a clear emphasis on sharing beloved films with friends and loved ones. A bit of blockbuster, a bit of retro and a lot of quirky. The Room s pa ti ipato audie es as o ed ediato s , Participations, 8 2 , pp. Specifically, then, our discussion herein focuses on responses to just three of the qualitative questions we asked: Yet, our research indicates that, for some audiences at least, the cinema experience very much retains its cinephilic value. Our point here is that to think of event-led i e a i te s of e pe ie tial o i e si e is to de the i e si e a d e pe ie tial ualities of o e t aditio al cinemagoing practices; for many people, a comfortable cinema facilitates greater engagement with the film being shown.

It is also important to clarify the methods used to procure our responses. In his empirical study of British comedy audiences, Sam Friedman notes that his respondents who were low in cultural capital Bourdieu, tended to concede the legiti a of o e high o o edia s, e e he the pe so all did t like the. Ultimately, the article demonstrates that cinematic events are by no means the only option available to audiences who crave alternatives to ai st ea i e as. The audiences we heard from at the Prince Charles, however, routinely invoked the notion of good taste only to then dismiss it as unimportant or even unattractive. Sam Justin Long is a weary writer who novelizes movies. So he uses her Facebook profile to bone up on all her favorites. For these respondents, then, cinephilia is less about the screening of particular films and more about experiencing them in the right way. Missed fil s do see to e asso iated ith ualit G eat fil s , lassi s , et.

We have already noted that the range of films on offer is an important point of distinction for PCC patrons, but interestingly, seating and pricing received almost as many positive mentions.

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Ou esults ha e e ealed that the use of the N. While respondents to our survey clearly saw the Prince Cha les as a alte ati e i e a, the la gel eje ted the appeal of its pa ti ipato e e ts i fa ou of the authe tio e e ostalgi i e ati e pe fipm e the o side ed it to e offe i g. By extension, thediffe e t i e a e pe ie es — like the events his company runs — are positioned as forward thinking and more artistically worthy. In other words, while the i e a s plea fo passe s- to sod the su shi e is i o e se se a pla ful i itatio to eje t ai st ea ultu e, o e a d sit i the da k akes it lea that the idealised alternative is firmly entrenched in very traditional notions of the authentic cinema experience filk at hi g a fil i a da k oo.

I suspe t the sho i gs of The Room and the quote alongs foster a culture that makes people think they can make a showing about themselves. Was this review helpful to you? Others went into slightly more detail about why this should be important, stating, the hai s a e eall good the a the ki da lea a k is o f Pdes i i g the i e a as perfect for a date because the arms [on the chairs] can go up or down if a bad date Po speaki g fo dl of the e ue s ui ks — su h as the u ed seati g P.


Anything over two hours begins to get quite uncomfortable, and the viewing angle is quite awkward. Talk of e i e a e pe ie es a d audie e pleasu es a e fai l t pi al th oughout discussions of event-led o e pe ie tial i e a — that is, film screenings that are supplemented with live and often interactive events. Beyond debating how comfortable the cinema is, our questionnaire respondents were also keen to discuss its prices.

Do I a t to see this at the i e a, the way it should be seen but probably have it ruined by talking, shouting and subsequent frustration OR track it down on a physical format often not possible a d at h at ho e i pea e? Cult Ci e a: Sam begins to write a novel based on their relationship. The ticket prices for members are now the cheapest in London. At the sa e ti e, ho e ethe ph ase e le ti ut ot too u h poi ts towards a desire for distinction to take on a familiar form.

In his view, such people are in pursuit of something more intellectually stimulating than the implicitly throwaway experience of the multiplex. Forces of Production, Promotion, and Reception. DramaRomanceThriller.

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My partner had never seen The Blues Brothers and getting to see it on the big screen with friends cemented it as one of her new favourites. While this o l appea s to apply to a small number of participants, in methodological terms it is important to acknowledge that anyone who thought they were communicating with the cinema directly rather than with an unaffiliated third party might have tailored their responses accordingly.

What is understood and experienced as authentic is considered such precisely because it is esered as not o e ial. However, despite this, several survey responses implicitly pointed towards direct o u esetev atio ith the i e a itself, usi g la guage su h as, ou gu s play interesting o ies a d ish fikm had a lift so I ould i ite less-a le f ie ds. The timeless tale of King Arthur and the legend of Camelot are retold in this passionate period drama.

Movies in the Age of Media Convergence. It is also important to clarify the methods used to procure our responses. Instead, their comments implied that the norm of silent and somewhat reverential film spectatorship was the only way to enjoy a film screening.

The efe e e to the aised e e o s of the o i g is also fas i ati g, si e it ot o l poi ts to a ds a i agi ed audie e who would ese t the PCC s philosophut also i plies that e e the idea of that disapp o i g audience makes the cinema all the more valuable to him.

Abrams, Judd Apatow and Quentin Ta a ti o. Trivia Birdie’s Facebook profile photo is of her wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. These comments match closely with Sarah Banet-Weise s defi itio of authe ti spaces, which she describes as being positioned and understood as outside the crass realm of the market. What is espe iall i te esti g a out the PCC s audiences is the way in which their efe e es to the ig s ee a e i a ia l o i ed ith ods to pa ti ula kinds of film, as seen in the following descriptions of the cinema: The fact that this cluster of responses see s to alue so highl is the efo e onkine i pli it disa o al of i al e hi ito s perceived hastiness or misguidedness in abandoning it.


Jenkins, Henry Convergence Culture: But Lancelot must balance his loyalty to the throne with the rewards of true love. One hot summer day esrted little girl gets lost in an enchanted forest of the mountain god where spirits reside.

First Knight First Knight. Are You Sitti g Co forta l?: This ef a i g is a oppo tu it to i teg ate the od i to e episte ologies a d ethodologi al app oa hes. Again, all of this is in spite of the fact that participatory event-led screenings are one of the cornerstones of the P i e Cha les s eputatiooth i te s of how the cinema promotes itself and its e eptio i the atio al a d egio al p ess.

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Remember me fllm this computer. And how is it that some audiences can loathe talking or any other form of distraction during screenings, only to then deem such behaviour acceptable u de othe i u sta es, pe haps e e seei g pa ti ipatio as hu o ous, liberating, or even their central reason for attending cf.

Log In Sign Up. Like Martin Barker in his study of livecasting, we are to some extent esea hi g as the egg [is] hat hi g: A young writer tries to impress a girl he meets online with an embellished profile, but he finds himself in a real mess when she falls for him and he has to keep up the act.

To us, the search for alternative cinema experiences seems to be more about the desire for cinema to get better at what it already does, not for it to change into something entirely different. Young writer Sam has a crush on Birdie, the cute and quirky barista at his local coffee shop. Co it e tdedi atio a d keepi g all suggest a o s ious, p i ipled de isio to persist with an increasingly unpopular format, while the reference to 3D appears to be a rejection of a more contemporary exhibition trend.

Of course, we are also extremely grateful to all of our respondents for agreeing to share their views with us. As Plu s a ti le poi ts out, ho e ethe i e a is a gua l est k o fo hosti g i e ati e e tsi ludi g all-night movie marathons, themed screenings e.

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Now he is returning to the place where he was born and raised: Even among more onlie responses, language hoi es appea to e i po ta t, as audie es efe to the P i e Cha les Dedi atio to PCo it e t to Pits Co it e t to … keepi g ali e Po de la i g, You do t do D, plus ou a e keepi g 5mm screenings — tha k ou P. Respondents were also recruited through informal conversations conducted during on-site ethnographic fieldwork, but it should be noted that the findings this article explores are based solely upon questionnaire data.

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