Liv’s kisses wreak disaster, Frankie couldn’t get home any faster and Sam and Tiff don’t live happily ever after. Will sparks fly when Ollie runs into Gabriella? And Spencer is trying to move on, but will Caggie’s decision to disappear to New York break his heart? Not one for holding back, Lucy Watson has called the show ‘incestuous’ and she ‘no longer wants to waste time with people like Jamie and Proudlock’. Charlie Mills, a very recent addition to join the cast of MIC, but who is he? Here are the Made in Chelsea cast’s Snapchat usernames in all their glory – ordered from worst to best on the basis of ‘how much we would we want to spend our Friday evening’s with them, sozzled in The Crown clinking a glass or two of Peroni’.

There is trouble in paradies or, er SW 1 for Sam and Tiff as their relationship becomes rockier than our nanna’s home-baked chocolate tiffin. Snapchat username louisethompson Note: From her regular amblings with Mark Francis and Victoria BH, her relatable friendship with Jess Woodley and her brief flirtation with Celebs Go Dating we were obsessed, okay the land of Kensington would definitely be a dull place without Toff. And there’s not many people we’d go drinking in Fulham for. If Lucy Watson ever found out which, given her track record, most definitely , our head would be found severed on a stick and used to hang her guest’s coats and fedora hats. View Gallery 9 photos. This is a judgement free zone. Sophie is back and she’s promised to bless our TV screens with a whole host of fabulous outfits and some witty one-liners.

Tears, tantrums, make ups, break ups and the most on again-off again relationship we’d seen since Louise Thompson was in the prime of her dating drama sagas. Snapchat username jd Note: Rosie throws a dinner party and there’s tension in the air as all eyes are on Caggie and Spencer’s girlfriend Funda, as the two women meet for the first time Strong language This episode is subtitled 47 mins.

Here is everything there is to know about the Made in Chelsea gal who stole our hearts right back in You know, except for the elements that are cleverly manufactured by the producers to create extra drama.

Snapchat username louisethompson Note: We caught up with girls to 44od all things music and to create the dream playlist that will cover EVERY occasion. Is it normal that we want to record his voice and play it to ourselves on a 90’s walkman to get us through our Sunday evening existential crisis?


She is terrifying and would probably throw said Peroni all over us because our nails didn’t match our handbag. Snapchat username protsky Note: What does he do as a real-life job?

Made in Chelsea: Croatia – All 4

He is back with Millie Mack smoochin’ her on extravagant holiday’s and as much as we love her, he would definitely find a way to mention her eeeeevery 20 seconds. Sophie appeared on the show a few years ago in series nine as Victoria BH’s bezzie before leaving to take a break back in How did he get on Made In Chelsea? Sam has boat based cbelsea, Sam Prince experiences a lunch date delusion and Frankie and Biscuits reach a conclusion. Sam tries again with his ex, Harry continues to vex, and we learn how to thank someone for Vegas sex.

Though now she’s happy with the incredible Hulk Ryan Libbey and they regularly gym together. The dazzling Jamie Laing is one of Made In Chelsea ‘s longest serving members and, is arguably, it’s most well known.

Made in Chelsea: Ibiza – All 4

Ollie had previously dated Gabby who he broke up with to explore his feelings for men, only to then end up with another woman. Sam pursues Chelssea, Sam P treats Toff’s bedsheets uncleanly, and Harry is a meany with a teeny weeny peeny.

View Gallery 17 photos.

If not, we have all the reasoning you’ll need. Frankie Gaff glows unapologetically like the stripe on maxe sports leggings during a spin class or your dear aunt Jen after she fled to a Cotswold’s spa which costs more than your rent. Oh Made In Chelseahow we love thee.

Her impressively mental wardrobe is to die for. Ella meets Julius’ ma, there’s stress at the spa and Sam’s throwing arm is at the bar.

Made in Chelsea: Croatia

View Gallery 24 photos. The cracks in Funda and Spencer’s relationship continue to grow, and a surprise trip to Cannes for Caggie’s birthday pushes Spencer to make a heartbreaking decision. She arrived on the show in it’s humble beginnings way, way back in – yep, we’ve been watching the show for that long, you guys.


Cheleea Hugo was dating Millie Mackintosh in the show, he hooked up with her best friend Rosie.

Louise then left Chelaea for Spencer, causing a very traumatic love triangle indeed. Sophie is back and she’s promised to bless our TV screens with a whole host of fabulous outfits and some witty one-liners.

Very, very weird and uncomfortable Hugo and Spencer organise a surprise trip to Cannes to celebrate Caggie’s birthday, and with Millie by her side the foursome explore the millionaires’ chslsea on a luxury yacht Strong language from the start This episode is subtitled 46 mins.

And there’s not many people mmade go drinking in Fulham for. It’s Masquerade Ball time in Chelsea and there are a few surprises when Spencer decides to try a different approach to win the affections of childhood sweetheart Caggie. Boy, there are a lot of these and you’re probably going to feel a bit weird seeing these old couples together knowing as celsea as we know now.

It all worked out well though as she now has the cutest little baby girl with JP. When things are too easy, we get restless and we start mustering up a plan that can only end in doing shots of the Jaeger variety off our ex boyfriends’ brothers’ belly button.

The babein Mimi Bouchard is as charming as Jamie Laing, looks like Toff’s twin we asked, they’re not related and is as radiant as Stephanie Pratt. Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing Jamie chelsez Lucy were together for a bit and would even walk their dogs together.

It’s Masquerade Ball time in Chelsea and there are a few surprises when Spencer decides to try a different approach to win the affections of childhood sweetheart Caggie Strong language from the start This episode is subtitled 47 mins.

Snapchat username Georgiatoffolo Note: Snapchat username alikalfus Note: The group are brought together for a glamorous launch party hosted by socialite Amber Atherton.